“Spring Forward” towards Summer with our Vacation Q & A!

As we’re nearly mid-way through March, spring is officially less than two weeks away. Daylight savings time is this weekend. Trees and spring flowers are beginning to bud. Spring is very much in the air. March, however, is an interesting month here in Cape May. While the calm of the winter season is coming to an end, the height of the spring season remains a few weeks in the future. We will certainly be providing updates as to what’s going on in Cape May this spring. But for now…let’s talk about summer!





First and foremost…if you’ve not yet booked your rental with Homestead, there’s
no time like the present! Our booking season has mirrored those of years past, with a surge of bookings in January and February. March has leveled out a bit, but still remains quite busy. And by mid-April…you may find yourself challenged to locate your first choice rental, especially if you’re looking for a specific property or location. So, take advantage of this quiet time of year and reserve your perfect rental. To assist, we’ve put together a list of some of the most common questions from our guests, asked and answered…



Q. Are full-week rentals required?


A. Yes-if you are planning your vacation anytime from about the second week in June through the second week in September-otherwise known as “prime season”. Outside of that time frame, there are a number of homes available with either a two or three night minimum. Despite Cape May being active all through the year, summer remains the busiest of seasons, so full week rentals are required to maximize the rental potential of each property. We know that breaking for a full week vacation can be a challenge, but it’s well worth it to spend an entire week enjoying relaxation and fun here in Cape May.




Q. Are there more Pet-Friendly properties?


A. No, and yes. The fact is, our pet friendly inventory consists of the most limited number of properties, and they fully book at a generally higher rate than the others. There are always new rentals entering our inventory though, so please keep that in mind. We cannot accept pets for rentals that are not designated “pet friendly”, as pet acceptance is solely the decision of each individual property owner.




Q. Which homes “open to the beach”?


A. This is a question oft asked of those that have never been to Cape May. There are NO homes in our rental inventory that allow occupants to step out of the house and directly onto the beach. We know this design is common of other resort communities, but Cape May is simply not developed to allow for such properties. The good news is, Cape May properties offer their own unique attributes. You’ll experience a neighborhood feel in many of our locales, awarding you the pleasure of residing only blocks from the beach while also having your own private yard, parking, and more!




Q. What’s the deal with West Cape May?


A. Most are familiar with Cape May proper, as it’s the home of the historic district, as well as Cape May’s hub of shopping and dining. Many have also heard of Cape May Point, with its tranquil, natural experience and reputation for world class bird watching. West Cape May situates between Cape May and the Point. It’s a lovely, residential area of town that is home to many local residents. The beach is a bit of a longer walk (or even a very short drive), but the trade off is that many of the houses are spacious-both inside and out…all while maintaining lower rental rates. Numerous guests who’ve stayed in West Cape May through the years would not think of renting anywhere else in town. Maybe it’s time you joined them!




Q. Are beach tags provided in our rental home?


A. Maybe-but don’t plan on it. The City of Cape May deems that beach tags are non-transferable. Homestead therefore has NO dealing with the tags, nor are we permitted to have information as to which properties may or may not contain them. If you arrive at a rental property and find beach tags…you are generally welcome to make use of them unless it is otherwise noted via the property owner. Most likely, the tags will not be present but you will be able to purchase them at any entrance to the beach.




Q. Can we check-in early? (before 2:00 pm).


A. No. We don’t blame you for being very excited to begin your vacation! But during the summer season, there are no provisions made for early check-ins. The 4 hour “turnover time” is needed in order to prep the rental property for you. If you arrive in town early, we recommend grabbing a bite to eat, taking a walk around (if it’s not too hot!), or maybe even going to the beach. Check-in time will arrive before you know it, and we’ll be waiting at our drive through check-in to make sure that your rental arrival is expedited efficiently.




Q. The Linen Service sounds enticing, but do we have to order it right now?


A. No. In our continued effort to function as a full service vacation rental establishment, Homestead offers linen rental as an option for all of our properties. This includes sheets for all of the beds, and towels for each occupant. The linen package may be accepted at the time of booking. But if it is not, it can be added at anytime up until your day of check-in. Orders can be placed with a member of our rental team, but are also able to be easily placed online.






We’re sure there are other questions that have arisen in your vacation planning process, so let us know what they are! We don’t just want your vacation to be fun; we want the planning and booking process to be a great time as well. Spend your early spring getting ready for summer. And when spring is at its peak next month, bask in the satisfaction that you can relax and enjoy it to the fullest.



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