Vacation Planner - Cape May Linen Rentals

We provide fresh, clean linens in the Cape May area. Pick up and return at Homestead Real Estate or delivery is available for an additional charge.

Linen Rental Rates
King Sheet Set - $16.00          Double/Full Sheet Set - $13.00
Queen Sheet Set - $13.00          Single/Twin Sheet Set - $11.00
Towel Set - $10.00
Hand Towels - $1.25
Dish Towels - $1.00
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Visa, Discover and MasterCard accepted.

Be sure to take advantage of this unbeatable value.

Convenient drive through pick up and return at Homestead. Delivery to your rental upon request for additional $25.00.

  • Cost is based on bed sizes and number of people in your party.
  • Sheet sets include flat and fitted sheets with pillow cases for each set.
  • Sheet sets are color coded per bed size.
  • Towel sets include 2 towels and 2 wash cloths per set.

The Process is Simple!

Linen Pick Up

Linens can be picked up between 2 PM and 5 PM on Saturday. Late pick up arrangements can be made with our staff. Please remember rental keys will not be released before 2 PM. Upon receipt of your bag(s) of linens, please note the following:

  • Check the label on your linen bag to verify name and sheet/towel count.
  • Upon reaching your vacation home, report any inaccuracies to Homestead immediately.
  • Any discrepancies not reported could result in a forfeit of some security funds upon check-out, or additional charge to your credit card.
  • Keep the bag(s) received at check-in. You will need bag(s) to return linens.
Linen Return
  • Simply pack all dirty linens in the bag(s) provided.
  • Be sure your name is clearly marked on the bag(s).
  • Return bag(s) to HomeStead Real Estate with your keys.
  • Should you return linens while the office is closed, place bag(s) on the back porch in rear of building (where drive-thru check in occurs). Please return keys and check-out paperwork in back Mailbox.

Thank you for the opportunity to be part of your vacation experience!

The only Cape May Real Estate office providing in house linen rentals for you!