I was very impressed from start to finish with efficiency, professionalism, and cheerfulness. They really wanted my experience to be happy and restorative. Steve M., Rental Guest

Homestead took the stress out of my vacation.

Katrina McCloskey, Rental Guest
This is our second consecutive year renting from Homestead. Unfortunately, we checked in rather late - after 7pm - and were sorely disappointed at the condition of the property. Clearly it had not been cleaned prior to our arrival and the bathrooms were especially filthy. After a long car trip, the last thing we wanted was to clean a dirty house. Nonetheless, we spent a few hours doing just that. Of course we notified Homestead the next day. Thankfully, a cleaning lady was sent to our house AND we would receive compensation from the owner for our inconvenience. Thats what I call excellent customer service. Kuddos to Denise at Homestead for assisting us and making lemonade out of lemons. She was kind and so very competent! Thank you again, Denise!!!!! You are the best! (We were also very appreciative of the owners... What nice people!). Nancy B., Summer Renter

We have been dealing with Homestead for the past several years and have always been satisfied with their service!

Smith Party

This is our second year renting from Homestead and we are very pleased with the friendly and professional service.

Caroline Carbaugh, Rental Guest
You are all helpful and professional. The drive thru check-in/out is the best. Ease of rental agreement etc. online is great. Linen service was awesome. Al Z., Summer Renter