Check In and Check Out Procedures

Our Drive Thru Check-in and Check-out is another great innovation unique to Homestead Real Estate. This easy and convenient service is offered mid-June through Labor Day. Check-in time for our rentals is 4:00 pm and check-out by 10:00 am. Watch the video at the bottom of this page to see our easy Drive Thru Check-in process.

Check-in: Follow these tips to keep you moving quickly on the way to your rental:

  • Pull into the parking lot in front of our office, which is located at 502 Bank Street in Cape May. When you pull in, you`ll see the Check-In area where an attendant will direct you to line up. There`s no need to find a parking spot! (Of course, you`re welcome to use our restroom!)
  • Stay in line. If there`s a line-up, stay put. The line moves quickly! If you arrive early feel free to leave your car parked in line but please be back no later than 3:30.
  • Give us the last name on your reservation. That is all the information we need to access your welcome packet and check-in details. We bring rental keys, welcome packet, and linens right to your car. If your car is too full to accommodate linens, just ask a staff member about our convenient delivery option!
  • For quicker check-in, it`s best to confirm if you ordered linens before you arrive.

If there are any problems, please notify us immediately BEFORE moving in, or as soon as the problem becomes apparent using the text number from your Digital Guestbook. We are unable to give you our best service if you notify us of a problem when you check-out.

Check-out: On your departure date your rental property must be vacated, and keys returned to our office no later than 10:00 am*. Drive-Thru Check-out is available from mid-June to Labor Day. Here are a few reminders about your departure from your rental and our check-out process.
Please coordinate your departure to ensure that the following minimum check-out requirements for your rental property are met:

  • Remove all the trash from the interior of the home and place in the proper receptacles.
  • Remove all of your personal items and your food from the fridge and freezer. Dishes should be clean and put away. The items most often left behind are pillow cases. Please keep this in mind when packing linens.
  • Vacuum.
  • Wipe down tabletops, sinks, counter tops, fridge, freezer, shower/bathtubs and toilets.
  • Return furniture to original position, put bedspreads/comforters and pillows back on the beds if applicable.
  • Close and lock all windows and doors.
  • Individual owners may have additional guidelines posted for you that are specific to their home. These items may be AC settings etc., but please call us with any questions.

Homestead Real Estate is not responsible for any personal belongings left in your rental property. In the case that Homestead is able to recover such items, the fee to return them is $35 plus the cost of postage.

 If you are checking out between 8:00 and 10:00 am*: (during the season)

Drive into the front parking lot of our building. Stay in your car and we`ll accept your rental keys and unload your linen bags if applicable.

If you wish to reserve your same property for next year complete and turn in your green rebooking form with your rental keys or by using our Digital Guestbook.

If you are checking out before 8:00 am*: (during the season) - Drive to the rear of our building and put your keys in the key drop box at the back of the building. Place your used linen bags where indicated on the back porch of the Homestead building.

Off Season check out*: Drop your keys in one of the key drop boxes located on either side of our front office door. If you have linens drive to the rear of our building and put your keys in the key drop box at the back door and place your used linen bags where indicated on the back porch of the Homestead building.


*There will be a $100 fee charged for any keys and/or rented linens not returned. If you paid for the linen drop-off/pick-up service the linens must be placed outside the property entrance.


Accidental Forgiveness Fee

Homestead is excited to offer a convenient Accidental Forgiveness Fee option in place of the traditional security deposit. For a one time (non-refundable) fee, you will be protected against accidental damages to your rental property equal to the amount of the property security deposit. You pay the one time fee with your final payment and DO NOT have to pay a refundable security deposit. This allows more funds to be freed up for your vacation fun!

Note: The amount of your Accidental Forgiveness Fee is listed in the payment schedule of your lease. For reference, 1-2 bedroom properties are $50.00, 3-4 bedroom are $100.00,  5-7 bedroom are $200.00 and 8 or more bedroom are $250.00.

The Accidental Forgiveness Fee is coverage not to exceed the amount of the security deposit that is attached to the property. For example, if a 3 bedroom property carries a $500 security deposit, the $100.00 one time accidental forgiveness fee will cover accidental damages up to the amount of $500. Tenant may be held liable for damages exceeding the amount of the property security deposit. While heavy cleaning/sanitizing is not required upon departure, you are expected to leave the property in the condition in which you found it. Vacating a property and leaving it excessively dirty is not acceptable and may result in charges for additional cleaning. The Accidental Forgiveness Fee DOES NOT cover any additional cleaning charges.

Please Respect Your Rental Property

You will find our homes` decor and furnishings reflect the owners` personal taste. Enjoy your vacation rental but remember you are a guest. Please don`t leave any unpleasant memories or mess from your stay for others to handle. Each vacation home is privately owned and managed and has been furnished and equipped to meet basic vacation needs, but no two homes are alike. Occupancy is limited to number shown in the lease, which is strictly enforced. 

Please respect any locked areas within your rental home, which are reserved for the owner`s storage of their private property. These areas are not included in the rental.