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Debra Donahue has been serving the hospitality industry for 30 years in incentive travel, hotel management, hospitality marketing and PR, and property/rental management, the past 18 years in Cape May. Debra prides herself in helping clients find their perfect vacation home and appreciates the many homeowners who make that possible!

Debra spends her free time selling her hand-blended curry and creating unique iris paper folding artwork. Mostly, she is rehearsing and performing year-round with her band, The Squares (with partner J.M. Kearns and MQ Murphy) in venues throughout Cape May. She resides with J.M. in a little West Cape May cottage on a flower farm with three chatty guinea hens and a rooster named Butch.

Whether you have an investment home for rent or are looking for a great spot for a Cape May vacation, feel free to speak to Debra for all your vacation rental needs.

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