Rental Department Manager | Lease Processor

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Fax: (609) 898-1944

Annika Nash joined the Homestead Team in March of 2019 as our fulltime Lease Processor.  Annika brings to our Homestead Team a varied background.  One of the most important assets that she offers is her lifelong residency in Cape May and her familiarity and understanding of the Cape May area.  Annika has lived and worked in Cape May her entire life other than her time overseas while her family was serving in the United States Army.  Annika has two grown children and is grandmother to her two grandchildren, Clara and Kai the light of her life. 

Annika came to Homestead after a long term local career in the Gymnastic Industry.  Annika retired after 20+ years as a full time Dance and Gymnastic Instructor.  Annika is a member of USA Gymnastics with numerous credentials and accolades.  Annika continues to work privately in the same industry, her work and expertise is in demand throughout the country as a workshop and private instructor

Annika and Her Husband Heath currently run a very successful property management company, Buzz Nash Home Service & Management.  Annika’s attention to detail and her customer service experience has allowed her to shine as the processor and lease coordinator.  

Annika works closely with Denise Moore in the financial department safeguarding leases are processed in a timely manner.  Annika works closely with the Guests ensuring that the guests payments are received on time and answering guests questions regarding their lease payments.  Annika works closely with our owners and guests guaranteeing guests needs are met and owners payments are made promptly.

Annika just so happens to be Dagmer Chew, Homesteads Owners sister.  Oh and…………Annika is cousin to Denise Moore our CFO.  We are blessed to work closely with our loved ones and family.  We are so pleased that Annika is a part of the Homestead Family and we are confident you will be delighted to work with her too.