Suddenly This Summer! 5 Reasons Why You DON’T Want to Miss Out on a Cape May Vacation…

Cape May Summer Beach RentalsHave you planned a summer vacation? With summer just around the corner, do you think it’s too late to do so? If the answer to the first question is “NO” and to the second question is “YES”, then Homestead is pleased to inform you that you are misinformed! It is most definitely NOT too late to plan a summer getaway. And Cape May is the place you’ll want to be. Let’s look at a handful of reasons why…








1.  Cape May Beaches are the BEST. Here at Homestead, we’re always highlighting the multitude of reasons to visit Cape May. But let’s be realistic…despite all that there is to do and see, the beach is among the top reason that guests like to “summer” here on our island. Often rated among the best beaches in the country, Cape May’s shoreline offers something for everyone. From favorite local hot spots like “The Cove” and “Broadway Beach”, to the quiet and more natural beaches of Cape May’s east end, your sure to find a location that suits you. And why stick to just one? If you’re in town for a week or two, we recommend trying out different areas of the beach on different days. Cape May beach tags are valid across the entirety of the beach front, so there’s nothing stopping you!


Cape May NJ vacation homes2.  The History is unparalleled. Much of New Jersey’s lengthy coastline boasts relaxing beaches, nostalgic eateries, even amusement piers. But there’s a reason why many visitors continue to travel all sorts of distances here to New Jersey’s southern most region. Cape May is our nation’s most aged seashore resort…and with that comes a unique history, architecture and landscape that must be seen to be truly believed. And once you DO see it, you’ll want to come back year after year…not just in the summer, but in every season!






3.  There are an endless variety of dining options. Pizza, pasta, Mexican, hot dogs, custard and ice cream, smoothies, salads, fusion cuisine, fresh local produce…we could go on and on…but you get the idea. Whatever you may have a taste for, you will find the best of it here in Cape May. From covered porch brunches, to casual beach snacks, to fine dining in the evening…there’s no wrong way to experience Cape May’s restaurant scene.






4.  There’s an opportunity to explore your natural world. We’re not just talking about the beach! Cape May is unique in that it is rife with vegetation and species that are simply not found among your typical beach community. We’re one of the prime birding destinations in the country, and the recent spring migration season coincides with the arrival of multitudes of horseshoe crabs on the shores of the Delaware Bay. One may not associate a prime beach resort as the home of a fascinating natural migration event, but that’s exactly what you have the option to experience during a visit to Cape May. And while on the subject of nature, we simply must make mention of Cape May County’s fabulous Park & Zoo. It’s located just about 10 miles north of Cape May City and is one of the finest Zoo’s in the country! If you need a break from the beach (or the weather is simply not cooperating), a trip to the zoo is your ideal experience.







5.  Homestead Rentals. Last but not least, A Cape May vacation awards you the experience of reserving your property through us here at Homestead. Multiple properties remain available in Cape May proper, West Cape MayCape May Point, and even offshore by the bay. Sure, the pickings are a bit slimmer than they were at the start of the year, but with an ever increasing rental inventory…we are certainly not “sold out” for the summer, and we’re sure we can assist you in locating the perfect property for that last minute Cape May vacation.



If you’ve already had the pleasure of experiencing Cape May, you know there are far more reasons to visit than we could ever mention here. And if you’ve never been to our beautiful slice of paradise, you simply don’t know what it is that you’ve been missing. Maybe it’s time to find out…




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