Spring Forward!

IMG_1961Well, it may not feel quite like spring, but we’re excited that it will officially be upon us in only 2 weeks! Cape May has just experienced our coldest February in 36 years. Ice protrudes straight out to the concrete ship at sunset beach and snow adorns the dunes along the promenade. Despite the extreme cold, the winter landscape does offer a sense of tranquility that is a stark contrast to the golden sun of summer. If you’ve never experienced Cape May in the winter, give us a visit and see what you’ve been missing!

IMG_1974You may be one of those who prefer to just admire winter in pictures. If so, we hear you! That’s why we’re excited that it’s time to “spring forward” on March 8th. An extra hour of daylight will be gained in the evenings, providing more opportunities for brisk evening walks, views of sunsets at the cove, and strolls along the Washington Street mall.

While Cape May never goes to sleep entirely, the spring does usher in an uptick in activity and events, especially on the weekends. Be sure and check out the St. Patrick’s Day celebration at beautiful conventiimg261244d4daf4883246on hall. This event will take place on Saturday March 7th and will feature “The Quietmen”-a regional based band featuring Celtic rock/folk music.

If you’d really like to capture the spirit of the Victorian Era, come to town for Sherlock Holmes Weekend, March 20-22. Participants often deck themselves out in traditional Victorian attire in search of clues leading to a $250 grand prize!

As always, don’t forget about tried and true weekend favorites. Want to unwind after a long week? Check out Fire Pit Friday at Willow Creek Winery. A favorite amongst locals and visitors alike, Fire Pit Friday features outstanding performances of local musicians, fantastic wines, and savory foods prepared by chefs from around the Cape.

If you’re coming to the area with little ones, delight them with a roller skating outing at Convention Hall! Skate rental is available as well as private parties.

Last but certainly not least, don’t forget about the fabulous dining and shopping awaiting you here in Cape May. Many restaurants that took a brief respite for a portion of the winter are now open for business every weekend and feature exciting gourmet offerings along with traditional family favorites.

Finally, if you are longing for hot summer days filled with fun at the beach be sure to come to Cape May for a spring weekend an book your summer vacation! The booking season is in full swing and Homestead is here to help you locate that perfect summer rental property. Trust us, if you visit for a weekend you will surely want to return for a week, and maybe even a lifetime!

To book your spring weekend or summer vacation please call Homestead Real Estate at 888-309-7454 or contact us via email: reservations@homesteadrealestate.net. The time to reserve your summer vacation rental is NOW! Browse all of our properties on-line at:www.HomeSteadCapeMayRentals.com

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