Plan a Romantic Beach Getaway

Cape May cottage rentalsThe first thing you should do when you decide you want to go on a romantic beach getaway is to check out our available Cape May cottage rentals. These Cape May cottage rentals  are so cute and perfectly built for two that you won’t have to think twice once you see them. As soon as you decide when you want to take your getaway you’ll be able to secure your Cape May cottage rentals. As your romantic getaway approaches you can plan how, in further detail, you want to spend it together.

For a romantic beach getaway, keep in mind it’s all about the two of you. Whether you’re having a candlelit dinner on the beach, on your deck, or in a restaurant, the close proximity to the ocean makes it that much more special. Get your dessert to-go and enjoy it while taking a walk along the beach. Lay a blanket down, stick some candles in the sand, and watch the stars.

You can both enjoy a spa day while on your romantic getaway. It’s not just for girls anymore. Indulge yourselves with the ultimate spa experience. Find somewhere that offers a nice variety of massages including Swedish, sports, and deep tissue.

To enjoy some local entertainment while you’re here take in the following events. On Sunday, January 1 at 4:00 p.m. Barry performs on acoustic guitar at the Pilot House beginning at 4-6 p.m. And on Thursday, January 5 from 8-10 p.m. Jay Bethel of Bluebone performs. Pilot House, 142 Decatur, 609-884-3449.

Our Cape May cottage rentals are available for weekend or week long getaways and seasonal monthly stays. Give us a call at Homestead Cape May Rentals and we’ll tell you what we have available to make your getaway perfect.

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