How to Save On Holiday Travel

Cape May Point vacation rentalsPlanning a stay in our Cape May Point vacation rentals for the holiday is a great idea. This time of year you get to take advantage of inexpensive travel options, including cheap airplane tickets and reduced prices on Cape May Point vacation rentals. Many destinations offer visitors price breaks on off-season stays.

With the upcoming holidays approaching here are some tips on how to save on your holiday travel when coming to stay in our Cape May Point vacation rentals.

• Be flexible as to the days you are willing to travel and add a few days to your trip before or after peak holiday travel days. By flying on Christmas Day or early New Year’s Days travelers can usually realize significant savings.
• Be open to taking connecting flights since often an itinerary that includes one stop can be as much as $100 less than direct flights.
• Consider flying part way then driving the rest of the way to your destination or drive to a different airport and fly from there. Most Internet search sites can check fares at airports up to 100 miles from your ultimate destination.
• If you are certain of your travel plans to come to Cape May Point, NJ, and stay in our Cape May Point vacation rentals, you will find that some places offer discounts for non-refundable reservations.

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