A Spring Fling : Things To Do In Cape May for Spring

By Sara Phillips | May 13, 2021

Before the commotion of a beach filled summer hits, find your way to Cape May to experience one of the greatest seasons our small town has to offer! The parks and gardens are full of blooming flowers, the weather is getting warmer, and the shore towns are open for business. A Spring Fling is the perfect opportunity to see all the things to do in Cape May for Spring!

Take a Scenic Surrey Ride Around Town
Photo Credit – PhillyMag.com

One of the most popular things to do in Cape May in Spring is go for a bike ride. The weather is warm and the days are bright, it’s a great time to rent a bike and go for a cruise around the island. But, a regular bike can be boring. Instead, take your cruise on a Surrey! These four-wheeled bikes seat from 2 to 6 people, have toddler seats on the front with seat belts and a canvas covering to keep you cool from the sun. You can rent your Surrey at Shield’s Bike Rental, Village Bicycle Shop or one of the Cape Island Bikes locations.

Pedal Through Nature on a Rail Bike Journey
Photo Credit – RevRail.com

If you would rather spend a little time amidst the nature, Cape May offers another pedaling adventure! On of the newest things to do in Cape May in Spring is rail biking. Revolution Rail offers a brand new experience to our area that lets riders ride a railbike on the unused railroad tracks of Cape May Island. The railbike trail takes you from the center of Cape May on a four mile round trip through the Garrett Family Preserve. This is the perfect opportunity to see all that nature offers around our tiny island. From the songbirds and the wildflowers to the tides of the salt marshes of Cape Island Creek, you will experience something truly unique on this ride!

Enjoy the History of the Emlen Physick Estate
Photo Credit – CapeMay.com

If your crew is more interested in some historical things to do in Cape May in Spring, you should try a guided tour of Cape May’s only Victorian House Museum combined with a guided tour of Cape May via open air Trolley! The Cape May MAC offers an in-depth hour and a half tour of the 1879 Emlen Physick House and the Victorian streetscapes of Cape May, which is the ONLY National Historic Landmark City in the nation. This immersive and educational adventure is perfect for all ages! There is also a new restaurant on site at the Estate! Vintage is one of the hottest new dining experiences in town for Brunch and Dinner!

Photo Credit – KaraRestaurantGroup.com
Find Yourself A Sweet Treat at Peace Pie
Photo Credit – PeacePieWorld.com

After dinner don’t forget to stroll the outdoor Washington Mall where locals and guests alike move from shop to shop searching for something great to take home from Cape May! You’ll need a little dessert as you walk down the cobblestone path. You will find one of the favorite desserts in Cape May is an ice cream sandwich from Peace Pie. Peace Pie now has 4 locations on the East Coast, the flagship store being here in Cape May. With over 30 different flavors available, everyone in your crew will surely find something they love!

Explore Cape May Point State Park

If you are looking get away from downtown, one outing you won’t want to miss is a visit to Cape May Point State Park. This is one of the most popular things to do in Cape May in Spring. In the center of the park is the Cape May Point Lighthouse, where you can climb the 199 spiral steps of our 162 year old lighthouse. Surrounding this giant beauty are a few miles of nature trails that wind around the saltwater wetland marshes, coastal dunes and freshwater ponds. In Spring you can stop at the bird viewing platforms to watch the swans across the water, you can grill with your family at one of the pavilions and catch amazing sunsets right at the beach entrance of the Cape May Point State Park. Also hidden away in Cape May Point is the last remaining restorable World War II tower which is another piece of Cape May history you can tour! 

Immerse Yourself in Cape May Farming
Photo Credit – Forbes.com

Right around the corner from Cape May Point is a hidden gem of our little island. Beach Plum Farm is a working farm that allows visitors to explore and immerse themselves in New Jersey farming. It is truly one of the most interesting things to do in Cape May in Spring. Every Thursday through Sunday from 8:00am to 5:00pm, Beach Plum Farm has self-guided tours around the 62 acres of grounds where they raise ducks, chickens, and Berkshire Hogs and grow over 100 different kinds of fruits, vegetables and flowers. They have a market that sells farm grown fresh produce, products made from local makers and housewares. The farm also has a kitchen that serves breakfast and lunch with a menu you that changes daily depending on the farm fresh ingredients available at the start of the day!

Book Your Spring Stay with Homestead

If you are looking to get away and Spring Fling in Cape May is just what you need, scroll through our Homestead Rentals and make your reservation today!

Sara is our Owner Liaison & Director of Marketing at Homestead. She was born and raised in Cape May, where she now raises her two children. Sara spends her Spring time on the beach, in the garden, coaching softball for Lower Twp. Little League & having the occasional bike ride & ice cream dinner with her kids.

Best Things to Do in Cape May, NJ: Homestead’s Guide to Cape May Attractions

In the southernmost tip of the Cape May peninsula, on the Delaware Bay and the Atlantic ocean, you’ll find beautiful and sunny Cape May, New Jersey. It is one of the country’s oldest and most popular tourist destinations. This small town is home to just around 3,500 residents year round, but it explodes in the high season; seeing that population grow to upwards of 50,000 during the summer. Cape May began hosting vacationing visitors from Philadelphia and surrounding areas as early as the mid 18th century, making it one of our nation’s oldest beach resorts. 

The entire city of Cape May is recognized as a national historic landmark. It boasts numerous Victorian era buildings to marvel at and museums to visit. You will truly feel yourself stepping back in time in this classic city of living americana. 

Besides the rich and exciting history of the city of Cape May, what does it offer visitors in the way of entertainment? What are some must-see sights and popular things to do in Cape May for vacationers? Cape May has quite a lot to see, do, and experience. Here are just a few of the things we consider to be the best things to do in Cape May.

Cape May Trolley Tour

The Cape May Trolley Tours are perhaps the most popular activity for visitors to the city, and it’s easy to see why. The trolleys can be spotted weaving throughout town in their bright red and green old style aesthetic. They offer visitors the chance to see all of the historic and exotic landmarks and beaches of Cape May in a new and exciting way. 

Seeing all of the sights, sounds, and wonders of Cape May has never been more easy. Simply hop on one of the iconic red trolleys and take a trip back in time. The Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts & Humanities offers over ten unique and engaging tours of the city. Ranging from the ‘Moonlight Tour’, a romantic evening trolley ride through Victorian Cape May, to the ‘Cape Mayhem’ tour which explores all of the strangeness of the Victorian era. Guided tours have never been more fun! You’ll surely be able to find a tour perfect for any situation, whether it be family fun, or the spooky ‘Ghost Tour’. The trolley tours are a must for every visitor.

Photo Credit – Cape May MAC

Cape May Whale Watch & Research Center

Often times, the ones who do it first are the ones who do it best. The Cape May Whale Watch & Research Center was the first marine life tour in town. They provide visitors a once in a lifetime chance to explore the vibrant marine wildlife that surrounds Cape May. 

Hop aboard the American Star and take a 3 hour tour of the surrounding waters in search of whales, dolphins, and exotic birds. You’ll be educated on marine wildlife and how we can conserve their natural habitat. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff and captains will make sure you walk away feeling awed and educated. You don’t want to miss the chance to see one of these gentle giants in person. If you’re lucky, you may even be able to catch a glimpse of other marine wildlife like sea turtles, stingrays, and sharks. The American Star even has an on-board ‘touch tank’ where you can get a more hands on learning experience. 

The Cape May Whale Watch & Research Center is dedicated to preserving marine wildlife and educating others on how we can all help save our oceans. You’ll learn a lot, become inspired, and have a lot of fun while you’re at it!

Photo Credit – Cape May Whale Watch & Research Center

Cape May National Golf Club

This fifty acre golf course has been nicknamed ‘The Natural’ by enthusiasts and visitors; and for good reason. It boasts some of the most stunning and well preserved natural landscapes for a golf course in the world. It is even its own private bird sanctuary. 

This serene atmosphere is a perfect place to practice your drive and get a round of golf in. You won’t have to worry about the hustle and bustle of the city. All that you will be surrounded with is the chirping of birds, the ripple of water, and the wind blowing through the trees. Professionals and amateurs alike travel from all over the country to experience this natural golf course. They even offer clinics and lessons for the aspiring amateur golfer. You can also book the entire place for a corporate or family event and get the full experience of one of the top golf resorts in North America. Cape May National Golf Club is truly a golfer’s paradise.

Photo Credit – Cape May National Golf Club

Cape May Museums

Cape May has no shortage of options for the knowledge seekers out there. If learning about the fascinating history of Cape May is what draws you in, these museums have that in spades. 

The Museum of Cape May County is a historian’s heaven. This museum has dedicated their efforts to recording and preserving the cultural history and genealogy records of Cape May since the 1920’s. You are sure to learn everything you could ever want to know about the local history of Cape May here. 

The Colonial House is a museum made from the original home of Revolutionary War hero Memucan Hughes. This classic home is sure to make you feel like you’ve been teleported back in time. 

The Emlen Physick Estate museum offers you something a little more exotic. You will get to peer into the life of the eccentric Physick family and learn about their life and what it was truly like in Victorian era USA. Their vibrant and colorful decor and extravagant lifestyle is sure to intrigue any visitor. 

The NAS Wildwood Aviation Museum is a World War II air hangar that served as an active bomber facility during the war. This non-profit museum offers visitors a look into World War II aviation and the history of the pilots who served there. They offer a fun, hands-on educational environment that is fun for everyone. You can even bring your pets!

Photo Credit – The Museum of Cape May County

Cape May Lighthouse

The Cape May Lighthouse is a 160 year old, fully functioning lighthouse. This towering structure has drawn in navigating ships and traveling explorers since 1859. For those who choose to make the 200 step climb to the top, you will be rewarded with one of the most stunning views of Cape May available. Join the more than 2.5 million people who have made the trip, and take in the breathtaking view of the Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. This truly is a perfect spot for long lasting memories. And trust us, you’ll want to bring a camera. 

For those who aren’t interested in heights, you can find the Oil House on the ground floor. There you’ll find souvenirs, interesting educational materials, and a vast selection of items to check out and purchase.

Photo Credit – Cape May MAC

Cape May Beach

Of course, no trip to Cape May would be complete without a few days soaking up the sun on the Cape May Beach. The Beaches of Cape May are some of the most beautiful and well kept you will find on the east coast. They offer a clean, safe, and fun environment for everyone. 

No matter what beach activities draw you in, Cape May has it for you. Surfers, volleyball players, deep sea fishermen, kayakers, and sunbathers all have it made here. Located on the southern tip of Cape May, Cape May Beach offers visitors a seemingly endless shore of sights, sounds, and tastes. You will be able to walk for miles along the white sandy shore, and you’ll find endless options for shopping, drinks, world class food, and more. You could truly spend your whole week at the Cape May Beach and not feel like you wasted a single moment. 

But Cape May isn’t just host to one beach option. You’ll find plenty of other beaches in Cape May that are certainly worth checking out as well. 

Higbee Beach is a popular tourist destination on the western side of Cape May. The Higbee Beach is a wildlife preserve managed by the state of New jersey. This is a perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist crowd in the city. You can take the dog for a walk, immerse yourself in the peaceful sounds of the ocean waves, and enjoy the sunset.

Washington Street Mall

There’s certainly no shortage of places to shop in Cape May, and Washington Street Mall is one of the best options in town. This outdoor mall is located just a few blocks from Cape May Beach and can easily provide an entire afternoon or evening of shopping, dining, and relaxation.

You’ll find a wide array of shops and boutiques as you make your way down Washington Street through the open air mall. Home goods, jewelry, children’s toys, books, wall art, men’s and women’s apparel, and unique Cape May souvenirs are just a few of the items you’ll find available in the shops at Washington Street Mall. 

In addition to its many shops, the mall boasts quite a few places to enjoy for lunch or dinner or to pick up something to satisfy your sweet tooth while you shop. Regardless of whether you’re in the mood for seafood, italian, pizza, a burger, or a steak, the Washington Street Mall has a dining option for you. After your meal, you can head over to one of the mall’s ice cream, doughnut, or fudge shops for dessert. The Washington Street Mall can also be a good place to return at night with your friends as some of its restaurants are popular nightlife spots and live music can be enjoyed on the weekends.

Photo Credit – Washington Street Mall

Cape May Food Tours

Speaking of dining options, Cape May Food Tours might just be the most “can’t miss” dining option of them all in Cape May. 

Cape May Food Tours takes you on a three-hour guided walking tour exploring some of the town’s most popular restaurants and eateries. Along with different tastings at some of Cape May’s award-winning restaurants, you’ll learn about the town’s history and hear fascinating fun facts about Cape May from the knowledgeable tour guides. If you truly want to get a sense of the culture of Cape May, this is the best way to do it.

There are two tours available to book; one that ventures into the heart of downtown Cape May and another that travels through the west side of town. Tickets for these can be booked on the Cape May Food Tours website and will likely need to be booked in advance of your trip as they are popular among visitors and spaces are limited. You can also book a personal tour for your group if you want to tour the local eateries in a smaller and more intimate setting. All tours include six tastings so be sure to bring an empty stomach!

Photo Credit – Cape May Food Tours

We know this is just scratching the surface when it comes to all of the attractions here in town, but we hope this list we put together of what we consider to be the best things to do in Cape May helps you as you plan your vacation.

If you’re looking to make a trip to the area soon and still need a place to stay, feel free to check out our selection of Cape May vacation rentals. With over 200 rentals available including oceanfront properties, pet-friendly rentals, beach homes, condos, and more, Homestead is your one-stop shop for your vacation rental needs.

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Things to do in Cape May for Couples: A Romantic Winter Getaway

Winter is one of the best times to visit Cape May for a romantic getaway. You can truly feel the intimacy of small-town Cape May during the off-season, and with so many things to do in Cape May for couples, there’s no shortage of ways to celebrate your love with a romantic escape to our dreamy seaside haven.

Tour the Town

Start any romantic weekend getaway with a carriage ride through downtown with Cape May Carriage Co. The town is filled with Victorian homes, historic cobble stone shopping areas and tree lined streets! There is no better way to see the sites than a private horse drawn carriage, bundled up under a blanket with your love.

As the evening progresses, find your way to the Cape May promenade. You can stroll as you watch one of the most stunning views Cape May has to offer. As the sun meets the ocean and the sky changes colors, you and your loved one will experience firsthand, the true beauty of our seaside town. A sunset walk is one of the most romantic things to do in Cape May.

Viewing the sunset is one of the most romantic things to do in Cape May for couples!

Get Intimate over Dinner

Any romantic escape would not be complete without a cozy meal for two. You will want to make reservations to experience some of Cape May’s most delectable culinary offerings. Visitors and locals alike, flock to Cape May restaurants to get a taste of our locally sourced seafood, Jersey grown vegetables and creative gourmet dishes. Try one of these amazing options for an intimate dining experience.

  • The Washington Inn – Exceptional New American cuisine and Wine Bar in a fine dining atmosphere
  • Secondo – Unique Fusion of Mediterranean and Italian Cuisine overlooking the marina with an enticing cocktail list
  • The YB – Unique Contemporary American Cuisine in an intimate beach front BYOB venue
  • Sapore Italiano – Traditional Italian Cuisine and BYOB in an elegantly Victorian style restored home
  • The Lobster House – Fresh Locally Sourced Seafood overlooking the picturesque Cape May Harbor.

To round out your romantic weekend, Cape May has so many enjoyable experiences from Friday nights to Sunday mornings.

Unwind and Have a Drink

On Friday and Saturday nights, enjoy a glass of locally grown and produced wine by the fire with live music playing in the background at Willow Creek Winery.  Visit Nauti Spirits Distillery over the weekend to join in one of their many cocktail inspired events. If beer is your preference, the Cape May Brewery Co. Tasting Room is serving up some their locally crafted brews daily.

Lay Down and Relax

Relax for a day with your someone special with a Couple’s Escape at the Cape May Day Spa. From side-by-side Swedish massages to full body salt scrubs and relaxing in an oversize whirlpool, a date at the spa surely won’t disappoint.

Stay with Us!

With so many romantic things to do in Cape May, you should start planning your intimate winter escape today! Visit Homestead Cape May where you can find your quintessential cottage or beachside retreat for a passionate weekend in our beautiful seaside resort!

20th Anniversary Winners!

The time has come to announce our giveaway winner, but first we want to thank all those who submitted and shared their Homestead memories with us!

Our 20th Anniversary Giveaway photo contest had many submissions and we’re appreciative of all your memories shared with us! After polling our staff, we were unable to pick between two final contestants – so we decided to reward both of them!


Our grand prize winner is Mike Levy, who had used Homestead as his buying agent in his home purchase in West Cape May in 2014! Here’s his story and how Homestead helped find his happy place.



“It can be said that Mike has Cape May running through his veins. He has been coming to Cape May for at least 25 years and has spent most of his early summers working at numerous local spots around town. Cape May also holds a very special place in his heart, because Cape May is where he proposed to his wife. In 2014, Mike and his family knew that they had to continue to make Cape May part of their family’s life and made the leap by purchasing a family home of their own in West Cape May. Homestead Real Estate represented him with his purchase and continues to help Mike make Cape May a second home for him and his loving family.”


Our runner-up is Pat McKinley who has rented through Homestead. Her story specifically touches on her 2014 rental which was her mother’s last trip to Cape May. Pat has won 20% off her next linen order for her rental through Homestead!



“The Weekend of September 14, 2014”



Mom’s last trip to Cape May. We rented two condos on the beach through Homestead Real Estate. Mom was surrounded by family and we had an amazing weekend walking the boardwalk, family dinners, relaxing around the pool and a walk on the beach. Mom’s wish to walk on the beach was made possible by the handicapped beach wheelchairs available at the Lifeguard Station.








We thank you all again for sharing your loving memories with us and we look forward to creating many more memories with you!



Celebrating Memorial Day in Cape May

Memorial Day is considered the unofficial start of Summer and there is so much going on in Cape May for the upcoming three-day weekend to kick off the 2019 season!

Finally, the long cold winter is a memory and we can now look forward to fun filled days at the beach! Memorial Day Weekend is also the time that we give thanks and honor those fallen men and women who gave their lives serving our country. 


On Memorial Day, there will be a wreath laying observance held at the US Coast Guard Training Center and the All Wars Monument on Columbia Avenue at 9AM. Then, from 11AM to 1PM, the City of Cape May and American Legion Harry Snyder Post 193 will conduct a Memorial Day Ceremony inside Convention Hall.   The United States Coast Guard Training Center Cape May detachments will participate with Flotilla 8-2 of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary in presenting the Rifle Salute and launching of the flower boat from Gurney Street Beach. The public is welcomed to attend the ceremonies and honor our Veterans. 



To start off the holiday weekend, stop by the Willow Creek Winery for Fire Pit Friday to unwind, sit by the fire, and enjoy the sunset over the vineyard.  In addition to Willow Creek Winery, there is the Cape May Winery or Nauti Spirits in North Cape May.  Also, you can visit one Cape May County’s new breweries that have opened in the last couple of months.  Gusto Brewery in North Cape May and COHO Brewery in Cape May Court House are two breweries that you must visit, and both are only a short drive from town.



Celebrating 30 years of bringing beautiful music to Cape May, the Cape May Music Festival brings classical, chamber, jazz and much more to the Festival from May 26 to June 14, 2019.  Over the weekend, The Atlantic Brass Band will perform on Sunday, May 26 at 7PM at the Rotary Bandstand, Lafayette and Decatur Streets, or at the Cape May Convention Hall if the weather is uncooperative.



Also, remember that as of Memorial Day through Labor Day, you will need a beach tag to visit the beach.




Cape May is Blooming….

The sounds, sights and smells of Spring are all around town… Longer days, fragrant flowers fill the air, trees beginning to bloom, birds chirping and seagulls squealing with excitement of the beach picnics to come. Dolphins and “whales” have been sighted dancing in the bay. The cold winds are receding and are being replaced with the gentle breezes of Spring.



The upcoming season will be here before you know it. Before you have your bathing suits on, your toes in the sand and all over the house, now is the time that you can enjoy Cape May’s pre-season events.



It’s also the last chance to rent a beautiful Cape May vacation home for a partial week. What’s better than enjoying a few days in town before the crowds arrive for the Summer season? Come on down; relax, unwind and enjoy Cape May at it’s fullest!

So many things to see and do during Cape May’s Spring Celebration, now through May 19. There’s something for everyone to experience and enjoy in Spring 2019.


If Bingo is your game, there’s the Brunch and Bingo at the Beach. Or, if you enjoy our wonderful New Jersey wines, hop on the Cape May Wine Trail.  And for those chocolate lover’s, you must make a reservation for the Chocolate Lover’s Feast at the Washington Inn on May 11th – an event you can’t miss.



Take that special woman in your life to brunch on Mother’s Day.  So many choices … enjoy a beachfront brunch at Aleathea’s at the Inn, or on the farm at Beach Plum Farm, and for jazz lovers, the Emlin Physick Estate offers a Jazz brunch.  Click here for more suggestions of places to celebrate Mom. 



On Saturday, May 11th, enjoy the Sip Into Spring Festival at the Emlin Physick Estate.  Come and celebrate spring’s rebirth with exciting outdoor gardening demonstrations, food, wine and music.  Enjoy demonstrations and crafts.  You can even make your own personal succulent tea cup!  Great local vendors will be there serving their finest fares.



Both dolphins and whales have been sighted playing in the waters off the coast, in both the ocean and bay this blooming spring. Be sure to book a trip while visiting Cape May. Trips are daily: Dolphin and Whale Watching.





NOW is the Time to Book Your Summer Vacation! Check Out the Best Places to Stay in Cape May.

Happy New Year from the Homestead Team, we hope you had a wonderful 2018!

It’s cold outside and snowy, but we know you are looking forward to your summer vacation in Cape May. As John Steinbeck used to say, “What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness”.  We are all looking forward to a nice swim in the warm ocean water and feeling the fine sand between our toes.

The booking season has started, and we cannot wait to be a part of your amazing 2019 vacation.

2019 has just begun but there are great things happening with our inventory already! We have hundreds of rental properties  available and we are continuously adding new amazing options. Read on to hear more about our new additions!

1112 Washington Street: it’s a beautiful 6 bedroom home located in the historic district of Cape May.  It’s perfect for 2-3 families that vacation together because this property can sleep 14 people! If you are traveling with kids, the Emlen Physick Estate is a few feet away and they offer an array of tours for all ages around the estate and around town.  The home is also just a short walk to the Washington Street Mall.

127 Myrtle Avenue: formerly the Albert Stevens Inn bed and breakfast. Now serving as a single family home, it is one of the largest rentals on the island and is in walking distance to everything! This Victorian home has 12 bedrooms, 11.5 bathrooms and can accommodate as many as 26 guests. This property is perfect for a family gathering or a corporate group. This unique rental also features a large inground heated swimming pool and hot tub.  The home is situated on quiet Myrtle Ave. which overlooks Wilbraham and is a very short walk to the Washington Street Mall and Cape May’s beautiful beaches.  Better yet, the home offers complimentary linens and the beds will be made upon arrival! Think how much time you can save by not making 12 beds! Just drop your luggage and head to the pool or beach.

719 Sunset Boulevard  – This beautiful and modern 5 bedroom house can accommodate up to 10 guests. If you are here for a friend’s getaway and don’t want to be in the center of the town, then this is the perfect spot for you!  You are in biking distance to all the best Cape May has to offer. The Willow Creek Farm and Winery is only a few steps away, often hosting live bands and always featuring Fire Pit Fridays in season! For the best sunsets around, you can bike down to Sunset Beach and attend the flag ceremony which is held daily at 7 pm starting Memorial Day weekend through August. 

If you are looking for a quiet vacation spot then 510 Ocean Avenue in Cape May Point is the place too book! This “upside-down” style property is beautifully appointed and impeccable. And of course, Cape May Point is the place to be for birding enthusiasts, where abundant bird species can be spotted.

1320 A Illinois – This immaculately maintained and beautifully manicured quad is perfect for a smaller group (up to four guests). In the morning, you can enjoy your cup of coffee and newspaper in the sun room or in the backyard at the picnic table. If you need a first-floor bedroom, this property has you covered!

Cape May is beautiful year-round. Whether you are looking to rent winter, spring, summer or fall, our fully dedicated rental department is here to help you find the perfect home. Give us a call at 609.884.1888 or check out our entire inventory HERE.

The Homestead Real Estate 20 Year Anniversary Giveaway Photo Contest

In celebration of our 20 year anniversary, we at Homestead want to show you – our loyal customers and clients, the appreciation we have for your years of business and loyalty!

We will be running a photo contest beginning now and through Memorial Day 2019 where one lucky winner will be selected and receive a gift basket of specialty items for summer fun!  Entry is easy and everyone is eligible. 

To participate, select one (1) photo reflective of a special Cape May memory you have along with a description of how Homestead made that memory possible.  Share that photo and memory on one of Homestead’s social media pages to officially enter.  See below for full contest rules and entry requirements.  Participation can be from a past sale client, rental client, rental guest, or anyone that has a Homestead memory to share.  The contest is open to all – so get to digging for your old photos or start capturing new ones for your chance to win!


Eligibility: Anyone and everyone 18 years of age and older can submit their favorite memory for a chance to win!

How to enter: Post a picture on Facebook and/or Instagram that represents your favorite memory in the Cape May area and how Homestead played a role. Use the hashtag #HomesteadCM to officially enter the contest, and don’t forget to tag us in the photo. You can tag us on Instagram @homesteadcapemay and on Facebook @homesteadcapemay. Each participant is allowed one entry. Remember your profile must be public for us to access the photo! If you wish to keep your profile private, you may send the submissions via email.

Duration: January to May 28, 2019

Please submit all photos & accompanied memories by May 21st. On May 23rd, photos/participants will be selected and entered in a poll where staff will pick their favorite memory!

Winner will be announced on May 28th, 2019

Contest Odds: The number of eligible entries received determine the odds of winning

Unclaimed Prize: the prize will be available for pickup until December 2019.  If the prize is not claimed by December 2019 the first runner up will be the new Grand Prize Winner.

Prize Description: A Homestead beach chair, a Cape May beach towel, Cape May beach tags (x2), a bottle of red wine and a bottle of white wine, a Homestead tote bag, a Homestead sweatshirt, a Homestead long-sleeve tee, a Homestead short sleeve tee, a Homestead soft cooler, Homestead bucket & shovel, Homestead notepad, Homestead pen, Homestead lip balm, Homestead bottle opener keychain, Homestead wrist bag, Homestead canteen, a pair of Homestead medium-size male flip flops, a pair of Homestead medium-size female flip flops, 20% OFF your next linen order.

Estimated Prize Value: $300

By entering the Contest you give Homestead Real Estate the right to publicize your name, likeness, and photo submission.

No purchase is necessary

You must be 18 years of age or older to win.

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook. You understand that you are providing your information to the owner of this Facebook page and not to Facebook.

To all the amazing Homestead family members

Dear Clients, Customers and Friends:

It is hard to believe that Homestead Real Estate is celebrating its 20th year in business.  When I look back at the past 20 years I can not help but think of all of you.  Our loyal clients, customers, friends and employees that have made Homestead one of the leading Real Estate Companies in the industry today.  For each of you and your business we say Thank You.  We had a very humble beginning which many of you can remember.  We started on the second floor of the old Homestead building on Broadway in West Cape May.  We feel humbled and blessed to now serve you from our 4700 sq. foot state of the Art offices located in the center of Cape May City for the past four years.

We started in December of 1998, with very little money, only a generous unsolicited $20,000 loan from my father in-law who believed in me from the beginning.  I started with my previous Broker Barbara Kopp giving me her blessing and encouragement.  Barbara was a women in business that recognized my talent and encouraged me with gracious support.  We began with a hope and a prayer that God would grow our business over time.  We opened the doors with one phone and a fax machine praying the phone would simply ring.  Interest rates were near 10% and film development back then was one of our biggest expenditures.  We had the MLS books delivered bi-weekly and email was in its infant stage with Al Gore only dreaming of its existence LOL.  We had One computer that we rarely used but the electric typewriter was center stage ready with anticipation to type our first contract.  We started with three of us and now we have over 20 full time members of the Homestead Team.

Sure enough cell phones, computers and electronic signatures, instant MLS updates, paperless files and virtual/drone tours replacing the need for Kodak film investments.  I promised myself back then to always remember never forgetting where we came from through good times and bad we have seen our way through economic housing booms and disastrous market crashes.  We have experienced the mountain tops and the valleys but through it all God has honored our efforts and our hard work.  Since the very beginning in 1998 we chose to honor the Lord by declaring Sundays as a Sabbath day.  Against advice that we could “NEVER” make it if we were closed on Sundays we declared that day holy and set apart for our employees and ourselves.   In doing so we honored God and He has honored us with meeting all of our needs and we say Thank you to God and to God be the glory.

My amazing staff who have stood by us through thick and thin, prosperous times and lean times we say Thank You.  We have been able to grow as a result of each learning curve and have vowed often to “Never do that again”. LOL.  More importantly we vow to always be committed to continued growth within the industry and vow to remain committed to our client’s needs.

20 years later Homestead is blessed to have Micah Yerk, Laurie Graham and Denise Moore at the helm clearly helping me in steering the ship in the right direction.  Without them I don’t know what I would do THANK YOU!! My biggest supporter over the years has been my husband Rusty.  He believed in me from the very first day.  Rusty really had the vision first…… when we sat at the settlement table buying a duplex, our first investment in 1997.  The original deed for that property said “Phillips Farm Homestead” and Rusty said, “wouldn’t Homestead make a great Real Estate Company name”? And………….. the rest is history.

To all of you who have remained loyal and to all who have been with me along the journey; I say Thank You and look forward to what the next 20 years hold. 

20 Year Anniversary of Homestead


Dear readers and friends, this month Homestead Real estate is celebrating 20 years in business. We want to thank you all our past and current clients for keeping us in business for two decades and we want to celebrate this success with YOU! We are creating a gift basket that includes 20 amazing items and it will be raffled off to one winner! Keep an eye out on our next post to find out how to enter.

In 20 years, we all learned so much, we had our ups and downs and we, as a team, are grateful for everything we accomplished along the way. To find out what Homestead means to our owner, Dagmer Chew, and what’s been happening in the past 20 years, keep reading the Q and A below.



Q: – Homestead: what is it to you?

A: Homestead is like another child to me I gave birth to it, I’ve nurtured it I’ve fought with it and I have loved and laughed with it.


Q: – Describe your past twenty years in one sentence.

A: Interesting and challenging filled with too many hours and lots of hard work and sacrifice.


Q: – Twenty years of a successful, prospering business is tough, let alone one in the Real Estate world. What kept you going in those dark times?

A: Good people keep me going, great employees keep me striving to do better, doing the right thing in a world that wants to cut corners and be entitled I see my cup half full not half empty.  I am thankful for each day and each decision that enables others to rise above or to be successful.  I’m never afraid of successful people, I thrive to surround myself with like minded individuals.


Q: – What is the greatest achievement of the business?

A: Being in business for 20 years with the ups and downs of this business and the market crashes we are blessed to have survived.  I equate that success to my husband’s championing me and my longtime staff making sacrifices in the lean years.


Q: – What is unique about Homestead?

A: We truly are collaborative, we have an amazingly different culture in our office.  Contrary to popular belief we have an amazing support staff with daily encouragement and pride in each other’s successes.


Q: – Does Homestead give back to the community?

A: In many ways but we tend to make all of our donations private, it’s about the cause not about our giving.  We have causes that we believe VERY strongly in and we support them with all of our time, talents and finances when possible.


Q: – Why do you think clients choose you over other competitors?

A: The have been referred to us by satisfied clients and customers.


Q: – Do you consider your employees a family

A: We at Homestead believe FAMILY FIRST and then work.  If an employee’s family is in need, then we support that family member and expect the employees to be there for them too.


Q: – What is your favorite part about being a successful business woman?

A: I LOVE the mentoring and teaching part of my life now.  I truly enjoy imparting the wisdom learned along the way.  We now have an extensive training program that I created in place and I am thoroughly enjoying the journey with our newest agents.


Q: – What in you sparked opening up Homestead? And where did you get the name from?

A: I never thought I would own my own company it happened at the closing table when I was buying the old Homestead building.  The seller gave us the old deeds and Rusty said look at this Phillips Farm Homestead “wouldn’t Homestead make a great Real Estate company name” and the rest is history.  My Grandfather was Sol Needles of Sol Needles Coldwell Banker now so it’s in my blood.  We would play Real Estate when we were kids when my Aunt Kate, my Grandfathers sister who ran the company after his death. When she went home for the night, we would sneak downstairs, my grandmother lived over the office just like I’m doing now.  We would sit in the big office chairs and play real estate little did I know all those years ago how history would repeat itself.


Q: – Where do you see the next twenty years taking Homestead?

A: Continued growth and keeping yet again our strong competitive edge.