About Cape May Beaches

Cape May, New Jersey is unlike any other beach town in America. Located at the southernmost tip of New Jersey, this centuries old town is one of the country's oldest seaside resorts. The rich history encompasses the town with its strong Victorian influence combined with the ever-present Delaware Bay and Atlantic Ocean. Awarded a National Historical landmark in 1976, Cape May provides travelers year-round enjoyment with a wide variety of activities.

Cape May Beach Tags: During the summer season (Memorial Day through Labor Day), Cape May Beach tags are required for all persons 12 years of age and over on all city beaches from 10 AM to 5:30 PM when lifeguards are present. Beach tags for children 11 and under are free. Vacation rental homes often do not provide beach tags and so they must be purchased elsewhere. For more information on where to purchase beach tags, visit:CapeMayCity.org

Beach Tag Ordinance ยง 158-8: "No privilege, right, badge, permit or other evidence to use the beaches of the City, issued to or to be issued upon payment of the fees by this article, shall be sold, leased or otherwise transferred to any person or entity by anyone other than the City or its duly authorized representatives."
This means that it is unlawful for property owners or managers to offer or supply beach tags to guests, nor understood to be "provided with the rental." Homestead Real Estate Co, Inc., cannot by ordinance, condone, promote, manage or monitor the provision of beach tags, nor can the agency replace or purchase beach tags, even if understood by the tenant to be provided by property owners or managers.

Cape May Lifeguards
- Hours of Protection are June through September, 10 AM to 5:30 PM daily (5 PM before july 1). Limited after hours protection is provided by guards who respond to ememrgency calls. Click here to see more about the Cape May Beach Patrol. Cape May Rest Rooms To view location of Rest Rooms refer to the green dots on the official City of Cape May Map. Coolers: Coolers and food are permitted however; alcohol is not allowed on the beaches. There are no restrictions on beach tents, umbrellas or canopies for daytime use. Bonfires, open cooking and overnight camping is also prohibited.

Parking:Cape May offers metered parking along the beachfront. Pay for parking is enforced may 1st - October 31. Free parking is also available on side streets several blocks from the beach. Handicapped Access is available, you will find ramps to boardwalk at 17 streets along Beach Drive, with ramps from boardwalk to beach at Broadway, 3rd and Cove, Grant and Gurney streets and Trenton Avenue. Surf wheelchairs available at nine locations, with reservations suggested. Chairs will be delivered by Beach Patrol. There are four handicapped-accessible restrooms located along the boardwalk at Beach Drive.

What is a Beach Box?

Beach Box: One of the unique aspects of Cape May is the advent of beach boxes. These personal storage units are perfect for storing umbrellas, beach chairs surf boards, and other heavy items you don't wish to lug back and forth from your beach house rental. With 12 locations throughout the beach, it isn't difficult to find a beach box to rent. For more information, visit Stegar's Beach Service.

While having the distinction as one of America's top beaches, Cape May offers a lot of historical, cultural, natural and sightseeing adventures that stem beyond the beach lifestyle. A favorite for birdgoers, the natural surrounding make Cape May and exceptional place to find various fowl. For history enthusiasts, we implore you to explore the 1858 Cape May lighthouse or World War II Fire Control Tower No. 23. Both are located at Cape May Point State Park.