Things to Do in Cape May for a Bachelorette Party

Looking for the perfect place to bring your girlfriends for a weekend you’ll never forget? Cape May is an amazing spot for a bachelorette party, hence the reason there are so many brides-to-be that choose to spend their big weekend here.

Any given weekend you’re out and about, you’re bound to see a few bachelorette parties living it up. But what sorts of things are they doing while they’re here? If you’re currently in that research phase, we’re here to help! We’ve put together a list of some of the best things to do in Cape May for a bachelorette party.

Spend a Day on the Beach

We’ll start our list with the most obvious bachelorette party activity in Cape May. If your bachelorette party is happening between mid spring and early fall, then the beach is an automatic go-to. You can never go wrong planning a beach day with your girls. Cape May is home to some beautiful beaches your group is sure to love.

Some of the area’s popular beaches include:

  • The Cove
  • Poverty Beach
  • Steger Beach
  • Sunset Beach
  • Higbee Beach

Plan a Wine Tasting at a Local Winery

We all know wine is a bachelorette party staple, and a trip to a winery is also a must if there’s a good one around. The Cape May area happens to have several great wineries, so you’re certainly going to want to try to make it to at least one.

The wineries to check out:

Enjoy Some Time on the Water

A fun and unique way to spend a few hours during your bachelorette weekend in Cape May is a party boat trip around the Cape May Harbor. Cape May Cycle Cruises is the only pedal pontoon company in South Jersey and is sure to be a hit among the girls in your bachelorette group.

The pedal pontoon has a 10 person bar and a front deck where you can relax and tan or connect to the bluetooth speakers and throw a dance party. The boat can accommodate bachelorette parties of up to 20 girls, so no need to worry if you have a larger group. Cruises are BYOB (as well as BYO snacks if you’d like), so come prepared with your favorite wine coolers and liquor mixes.

If pedaling isn’t your thing, try out The Tiny Cruise Line. One of the favorite boats in this fleet is the Tiny Tiki Too. This floating tiki bar is perfect for you and your girlfriends to enjoy some sun, BYOB drinks and snacks and listen to your favorite music while you cruise around the Cape May Harbor. This cruise also stops at some of the local favorite waterfront bars along the way.

Head Out for a Fun Night Downtown

We’re going to take a wild guess that you want your weekend plans to include at least one night out at the bars. If so, Cape May has plenty of great bars and restaurants to include in your night of bar hopping.

Here’s a few popular bars we recommend:

These bars are centrally located in Cape May and are all within a few blocks of one another, so you won’t need to worry about Ubering to each one.

And if the bar scene isn’t really your thing and you’re looking for other ways your group can spend the evenings, we’ve got you covered. Our Things to Do in Cape May at Night article has some ideas for fun, non-bar activities you might be interested in.

Spend a Little Time at the Spa

Need a way to recuperate and relax after that night out? There aren’t many better ways to do just that than with a massage and facial. There are some fantastic spa options around Cape May where you and your girls can kick back and unwind.

While there are quite a few spas around the Cape May area, two that we recommend for bachelorette parties, Sea Spa and the Cape May Day Spa, are both highly rated and large enough to accommodate bigger groups. If you’re planning to take your group to the spa, we do highly recommend booking well in advance to ensure you’re able to get a group reservation during the time you’re going to be here.

Book a Great Place to Stay!

As if setting the weekend itinerary isn’t already difficult enough, you also still have the task of finding the perfect house for the group to stay in. Luckily, we at Homestead have an entire page dedicated to our Large Group Rentals that has all of our homes that can accommodate 10 or more people.

Our selection includes upwards of a hundred large group homes to choose from including some that can accommodate group sizes in the 20s. Many are located in or near downtown Cape May and provide the convenience of being within blocks of the beach and the bars. 

If you need any help finding the best rental for your bachelorette group, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We hope to see you and your girls in Cape May soon!