UPDATE - The City of Cape May has made adjustments to the former travel restrictions and  now short term rentals WILL be permitted as described below:

This is great news!  Long term rentals (more than 30 days) will be permitted as of May 11th.  Short term rentals (less than 30 days) will be permitted as of June 1st.  Summer 2020 is still on its way, and we are doing everything we can here at Homestead to help ensure you have a HEALTHY and enjoyable stay.

How Homestead Is Handling Current Events and Ensuring The Best Practices for Our Team, Clients, & Customers

Homestead real estate has also communicated to ALL of our vacation property owners proper cleaning and sanitizing measures that need to be used for turnovers in between guest stays, as recommended by the CDC.  We have communicated this via email, and held an inventory wide live webinar for our owners, which has since been recorded and is available on our website.

Also, Homestead sponsored a round table discussion for the local cleaning professionals who prepare the home for your stay.  This was a great success! The feedback from the cleaning professionals was fantastic, and the collaboration between these businesses was awe inspiring.  Suffice it to say - the area property owners and cleaners are preparing in full force to ensure as safe of an environment as possible for your vacation.

 Please keep in mind the unique structure of Homestead’s services are well developed for the current situation:

  • We maintain drive-thru check-in and check-out so that guests do not need to leave their vehicle
  • We offer linens that are handled appropriately and cleaned at a high temperature meeting the necessary standards of the health department
  • Keys will be sanitized after every stay to ensure they are clean prior to the next guest's arrival
  • We have clearly communicated to owners and cleaners alike what the CDC guidelines recommend and have also conducted joint research as to products and methodologies available for ensuring homes are ready

The health of our agents, staff, clients, and customers is of paramount concern to us.  With the current situation in mind, Homestead is implementing the following procedures:

  • Limiting In Person Meetings to essential situations only.  We have an abundant array of technologies at our disposal that allow us to service our clients remotely without sacrificing quality of service
  • Our office is being sanitized NIGHTLY – ALL high contact touchpoints such as doors, knobs, keyboards, phones, and surfaces are being sterilized at the close of business EVERY DAY. 
  • Open Houses will cease for the time being, but please reach out to our team for a FaceTime tour of a property if you are unable to meet in person, as we are still listing homes and showing properties!
  • We are encouraging our sellers to close by mail if possible

Homestead is taking the following steps to ensure a healthy working and business environment FOR IMPERPETUITY:

  • Workstations will be sanitized daily
  • Hand Sanitizer will be made available for anyone entering the building and at various locations throughout the office
  • Meeting Rooms will be sanitized at all frequent touchpoints and surfaces following use of the space

We understand our client and customer concerns during this time, but we are optimistic and looking forward to a pleasant and enjoyable summer season for all!  We are here for you! Our office is open and will continue to be open to field your calls, messages, and conduct business as usual.  Thank you for your patience during this time and please be positive!