Get Social - Homestead Cape May Testimonials

"No complaints! Your curbside check in/out was so easy. Loved it!" ~ Summer Renter
"I called the Chamber's information center and they suggested 2 Realtors. After looking at listings offered by both, Homestead seemed like the Realtor for us. We didn't do any of the "activities" listed below but we did go parasailing (really fun!) and went for a harbor "safari" at the Nature Center. Your office suggested the babysitting service, which worked out very well for us. They also checked ahead about beach chairs, etc. which turned out to be very convenient." ~ Summer Renter
"Joanne was very nice on the phone and told me not to apologize about my concerns. She worked diligently to have my questions asked, get ahold of me when my phone was frequently losing service and make sure my concerns were addressed. I very much appreciated her reassuring attitude, kindness and hard work! I rented a larger house this time because of my other guests' needs but I will probably always look for the best deal for the money, but obviously I will keep in mind the great service to address my concerns and the efficiency of the service as a MAJOR bonus, which might sway me to return to this company even if a rental is slightly more." ~ Anna, Summer Renter
"Jack was my point of contact and he was wonderful helping me along the way and answering my questions." ~ Teresa E., Summer Renter
"This is our second consecutive year renting from Homestead. Unfortunately, we checked in rather late - after 7pm - and were sorely disappointed at the condition of the property. Clearly it had not been cleaned prior to our arrival and the bathrooms were especially filthy. After a long car trip, the last thing we wanted was to clean a dirty house. Nonetheless, we spent a few hours doing just that. Of course we notified Homestead the next day. Thankfully, a cleaning lady was sent to our house AND we would receive compensation from the owner for our inconvenience. That's what I call excellent customer service. Kuddos to Denise at Homestead for assisting us and making lemonade out of lemons. She was kind and so very competent! Thank you again, Denise!!!!! You are the best! (We were also very appreciative of the owners... What nice people!)." ~ Nancy B., Summer Renter
"I appreciated the prompt email responses and we loved the easy check in and check out procedures." ~ Diane L., Summer Renter
"As usual "top-notch" & friendly check-in and check-out service." ~ Anonymous, Summer Renter
"All of my emails were answered quickly and the realtor-Bill?-contacted the owner for me in regards to our last minute rental. The fact that it was so last minute and went so smoothly was great." ~ Melanie S., Summer Renter
"We had an issue with a lack of garbage cans and your office took care of the issue quickly, efficiently and with utmost curtesy and professionalism." ~ Anonymous, Summer Renter
"You do everything right." ~ Anonymous, Summer Renter
"Homestead was excellent! Loved ease of drive thru check-in, realtors promptly returned my calls." ~ Andrea D., Summer Rental
"Always followed up on questions and requests. Very friendly." ~ Ken & Rita B., Summer Renters
"You are all helpful and professional. The drive thru check-in/out is the best. Ease of rental agreement etc. online is great. Linen service was awesome." ~ Al Z., Summer Renter
"Jack Powers - thank you for your prompt responses to our emailed questions and your positive, upbeat personality! Jennifer - thanks for reserving our lease. Thank you for making our first rental experience truly amazing!" ~ Mike and Wendy K., Summer Renter
"I appreciated the call I received before our stay to see if we had questions. I've used several agencies previously - this was by far our best experience. " ~ Nancy T., Summer Renter
"We've worked with Homestead for many years and have been very satisfied. Great job." ~ Linda and Tom K., Summer Renter
"Love the Homestead team! Highly Recommended!." ~ Luann S., Summer Renter
"Everyone I called was very professional and friendly." ~ Deborah M., Summer Renter
"Jack Powers was great - found out answers to all our questions." ~ Claire D., Summer Renter
"Jennifer was most informative and pleasant. She was very promt in getting us service!" ~ Kenneth and Rita B., Summer Renter
"Thank you for the easy check-in and check-out!!." ~ Steve and Kathy P., Summer Renter
"Jack was very helpful and informative. Very Professional. Loved the quick, easy check-in and check-out" ~ Bernice M., Summer Renter
"Debra Donahue and the whole Homestead team were great! 10/10 to everyone!" ~ Carol W., Summer Renter
"Always easy to deal with Homestead, no reason to look elsewhere!." ~ Laura C., Summer Renter
"We don't get to the shore very often, but if we did decide to come back we would contact Homestead to rent." ~ Judy M., Summer Renter
"Debra was excellent - always informed us of anything needed" ~ Jim and Karen T., Summer Renter
"Bill Nace contacted owner to see if we could extend additional day, which we were able to do." ~ From a Survey completed by a Rental Guest
"Jack (Powers) and Bill (Nace) always returned our calls and helped us in any way possible (5th year)." ~ From a Survey completed by a Rental Guest
"Everyone was very helpful and responsive." ~ From a Survey completed by a Rental Guest
"Your check in is the best on the island. Staff is courteous and efficient. Staff is very welcoming. Thanks for everything." ~ From a Survey completed by a Rental Guest
"Great service." ~ From a Survey completed by a Rental Guest
"Service is excellent." ~ From a Survey completed by a Rental Guest
"Drive thru was great. Terrific idea!" ~ From a Survey completed by a Rental Guest
"Jack Powers was flexible enough to meet my limitations on the computer." ~ From a Survey completed by a Rental Guest
"Ease of communication (email, phone) by Bill Nace and Jack Powers produced a quick response by a friendly staff." ~ From a Survey completed by a Rental Guest
"Jack Powers and Bill were very friendly and helpful with questions and concerns. They got us a new DVD player and filled the propane tank for us to have a BBQ." ~ Hal M., Rental Guest
"Bill Nace was always pleasant and helpful!" ~ From a Survey completed by a Rental Guest
"We were happy to find a company that accepts credit cards. A big plus!" ~ From a Survey completed by a Rental Guest
"Jack Powers worked with me from beginning to end. The Drive Thru check in was awesome." ~ From a Survey completed by a Rental Guest
"Had to call to add a dog and order linens - talked with Micah - professional and handled my request promptly." ~ From a Survey completed by a Rental Guest
"Bill Nace communicates well, always available, always helpful and polite." ~ From a Survey completed by a Rental Guest
"Homestead was great." ~ From a Survey completed by a Rental Guest
"Cold bottles of water at check in were very much appreciated! Drive-thru check in quick and convenient." ~ From a Survey completed by a Rental Guest
"Quick, efficient, and pleasant responses to any questions I had regarding payment and internet access." ~ From a Survey completed by a Rental Guest
"Your maintenance staff was friendly, helpful, and knowledge of their work was evident." ~ From a Survey completed by a Rental Guest
"Always a pleasure to work with all of you (HomeStead)." ~ From a Survey completed by a Rental Guest
"Bill provided clear and detailed explanations of how the rental procedure worked. Gave good suggestions for restaurants, etc. and was very friendly and professional." ~ From a Survey completed by a Rental Guest
"Very impressed with HomeStead - always called us back promptly to address any questions or problems and very organized. Made us want to be HomeStead loyal and we have rented from a number of agents over the past 15 years." ~ Cathleen W., Rental Guest
"Jack Powers immediately returned calls. Very helpful in finding a place. Yes, I would use him again." ~ From a Survey completed by a Rental Guest
"I was very impressed from start to finish with efficiency, professionalism, and cheerfulness. They really wanted my experience to be happy and restorative." ~ Steve M., Rental Guest
"Jack Powers gave prompt response to all requests and inquiries. Exceptional service." ~ From a Survey completed by a Rental Guest
"Bill Nace was friendly, helpful, good follow-through with questions/ concerns. I am a repeat customer of 5 years. Continue with fine service." ~ Dennis R., Rental Guest
"Bill Nace was great to work with and completely understanding given the circumstances the past two summers. Thank you!!!!" ~ Traci R., Rental Guest
"Jack Powers got us through confirming rental reservation made online without a hitch. Friendly and helpful too. (Everyone was) very friendly on phone, when on hold, person picking up always apologized for wait, even short ones. Made the rental process smooth and enjoyable." ~ Jill S., Rental Guest
"Jack was a pleasure to deal with. Answered all our questions, eager to please, friendly and knowledgeable. Would use him again." ~ Betsy & Brian B., Rental Guests
"Employees answered our questions and were helpful when we had a concern about someone parking in our parking space." ~ Donna & Joe Z., Rental Guests
"He (Jack) explained everything to me in a detailed manner and always responded quickly to my questions." ~ Susan M., Rental Guest
"Everyone at HomeStead was friendly, helpful, and very accommodating." ~ From a Survey completed by a Rental Guest
"Day of arrival we called because of linen shortage and Jack was very responsive." ~ From a Survey completed by a Rental Guest
"We've been booking up earlier and earlier which is fantastic. Thanks for everything you do." ~ Marianne S., Rental Owner
"Bill Nace was very professional and returned our calls in a timely manner." ~ Pam B., Rental Guest
"Cape May was a very good choice of vacation, we got a very good week of vacation. Thanks, HomeStead is a great team and Cape may - it's amazing." ~ Normand M., Rental Guest
"Bill and Kate were very helpful in helping us plan. The employees working check in and check out were very efficient and helpful." ~ From a Survey completed by Beth R., Rental Guest
"Everyone handled our rental very well." ~ From a Survey completed by Elizabeth V., Rental Guest
"HomeStead is so easy and reliable. What a pleasure dealing with your staff." ~ From a Survey completed by Carol R., Rental Guest
"Kate was very helpful and knowledgeable regarding tours, sights, beaches, and restaurants, etc." ~ From a Survey completed by Kristina P., Rental Guest
"On behalf of HomeStead Realty Property Management, as well as the Rental Department, I am extremely satisfied with the service I am given by everyone within the entire organization. I have used the services for several years, and they continually handle all aspects necessary for me to have ease of mind, not being able to be there to take care of many issues that can arise. Repairs get taken care of promptly, and whatever needs that arise, appliances, etc. they are always there and have all needs covered with dependable and reliable businesses as well as staff. Dagmer Chew runs a very professional business and staff, and I always feel they have my best interest at all times." ~ Sincerely, Deanna Scholl, Property Owner
"Bill Nace quickly answered all calls and questions promptly and efficiently!" ~ From a Survey completed by Victoria K., Rental Guest
"Dear Dagmer,
I hope this finds you well, and looking forward to a busy season. I am writing to sing the praises of Kate Brown. During the past year, EVERY interaction I have had with Kate has been superb. Kate goes above and beyond what I would expect from a professional. Kate has helped problem solve situations with tenants, done a great job marketing our home (304 Cambridge Ave at the Point- Cedar Cottage) and is a resourceful sounding board when we have questions. Her responses are always timely and her knowledge base is very thorough. Kudos to Kate and you for having such a wonderful team! " ~ Many thanks, Amy & Paul Sponseller, Rental Owner
"I am very impressed with your agency's professionalism and service. I will definitely recommend you and use you in the future." ~ Maria P., Rental Guest
"Chris Moore is always a pleasure to work with. We changed houses and weeks this summer and he made it work for us. He also is very helpful in facilitating a smooth and quick move from one house to another during our two week stay. You have a great company that works hard to meet our vacation needs." ~ Caroline C., Rental Guest
"Mr. Nace was cordial, consistent, helpful." ~ From Survey completed by Rental Guest
"Chris made it a real pleasure coming back to New Jersey the last two years." ~ Victor H., Rental Guest
"Bill Nace welcomed us in a very friendly way!" ~ Alain T., Rental Guest
"Chris Moore showed he cares, at every moment: Handled our booking and all the paperwork quickly, has been reassuring and of great help on many details (including the possibility of our late arrival)...thanks for all! (Your monthly newsletter is highly appreciated too.)" ~ Alain T., Rental Guest
"Great - thanks. Nice work Joe & team!" ~ Peter Bingham, Rental Owner
"Very smooth rental experience (greatly appreciated!). I especially LOVED the check-in process - it was so pleasant after a long drive! Thank you!" ~ Diane & Matt Noren, Rental Guest
"Thanks for your always friendly, helpful, reliable services. Our rentals and property management could not be in better hands. - Have a terrific "Summer 2009"! Rent - Service - Sell - HOMESTEAD! And don't forget to enjoy your beautiful lives in Cape May." ~ Fondly - The Rodriguez Family, Rental Owner
"We compliment Chris Moore for his "superb" service as indicated on the customer feedback from the family that rented our home. Congratulations Chris, we agree! You are a wonderful, efficient and professional person to deal with!" ~ Sabine Atkins, Rental Owner
"We would like to compliment you, Denise, for sending us this survey. Rarely have we gotten optional feedback from any rental agency and we appreciate the opportunity to improve our home with constructive comments. We will do our best to improve the comfort of our clients so they may enjoy a carefree relaxing vacation!" ~ Sabine Atkins, Rental Owner
"HomeStead took the stress out of my vacation." ~ Katrina McCloskey, Rental Guest
"Ann & Chris (were) always there to help, answer a question or anything...fixed front door lock as soon as we called. Great team. Many thanks." ~ Dawn Pittala, Rental Guest
"This is our second year renting from HomeStead and we are very pleased with the friendly and professional service." ~ Caroline Carbaugh, Rental Guest
"...thanks to all of your team for doing such a great job with the rentals. We were fully rented this year and your system makes it all very easy." ~ Stephanie, Rental Owner
"...Even though this was only the second time that we have rented with HomeStead, Ann treated us like old friends or long time customers. I just wanted to let you know how Ann Degener went out of her way to get our vacation off to a good start. I'm sure that you already know how hard she works for your clients, but I felt that her efforts deserved a letter of complement from my wife and I." ~ Andrew and Jean A., Rental Guests
"Chris did a great job of making our transfers from one house to another after the first did not work out. Your company does a great job trying to make our stay easy and enjoyable." ~ From a Survey Completed by Rental Guest
"I had contacts with 4 different employees; each of them had a "smile" in his voice and every contact was a pleasant one! Thanks to all!" ~ From a Survey Completed by Rental Guest
"Chris and Ann...Both went above and beyond. What a team. You are lucky to have them." ~ From a Survey Completed by Rental Guest
"Ann: It was a pleasure meeting you in person. I always enjoy working with you, as you exude such enthusiasm, proficiency and responsiveness. It truly is a pleasure dealing with you!" ~ Thanks so much! Sue, Rental Guest
"Your team is superb in every respect. Keep up the great work! Thanks for all you do for property owners you represent!" ~ From a Survey Completed by Rental Owner
"Bill (Nace) did a great job. All we had to do was Come and Enjoy!" ~ From a Survey Completed by Rental Guest
"(Bill Nace & Chris Moore were) So helpful! Best rental service we've ever encountered. Returned calls promptly, helpful, researched cleaning service, obtained new toaster same day as called...Wow! Nice folks!" ~ From a Survey Completed by Rental Guest
"Love your location and website. Friendly staff. I finally found the perfect realtor after 5 years of renting!" ~ From a Survey Completed by Rental Guest
"Dear Ann: I just wanted to say thank you for all your assistance and kindness throughout this year...You are such a nice person because you care and always look to find a solution. It has been a pleasure associating with you and hope to see you in Cape May." ~ Sincerely yours, Maria S., Rental Guest
"Have worked with Ann in the past - Chris was very helpful and informative - Both are a pleasure to work with!" ~ From a Survey Completed by Rental Guest
"Chris Moore took great care of our rental from start to finish." ~ From a Survey Completed by Rental Guest
"Lisa...We had difficulty with our deposit - not only did she make us feel ok about it - but she kept us up to date with friendly emails." ~ From a Survey Completed by Rental Guest
"You guys are the best! Everyone in the office is always friendly and helpful." ~ Sue Reed, Rental Owner
"Loved the drive up check-in...Loved the beach box! (Provided by Rental Owner)" ~ Tina Sample, Guest
"We enjoyed our stay here. Thank you for your help making it possible. Chris Moore was prompt, courteous, and extremely professional." ~ M. Picone, Guest
"I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know what a great team you have there at Homestead. The communication, consistency and commitment that your team provides on a daily basis is much appreciated by myself and Scott always. Your team is always professional, caring, kind and thorough. We would go through your agency again and recommend it highly." ~ Connie Maynard, Rental Owner
"My daughters and I recently rented a house on Wisconsin Ave...I wanted to let you know that it was a fantastic experience. From the reservation, to the check-in, to the laundry pickup and drop off; all went more than smoothly. I wanted you to know personally that you have built a great team there and it doesn't go unnoticed." ~ Fran O., Rental Guest