Cape May Boardwalk

Cape May's Best Kept Secret

Cape May's Red Buoy is a favorite spot for visitors of all ages to have their picture taken on the Cape May Boardwalk. Actually, it's not really a "board" walk, but more of a protective seawall referred to as the "Promenade". Yet everything you can do on the boardwalk, you can do on the Cape May Promenade. Just think smaller scale.

A Little *History... Cape May boasts of being the first New Jersey resort to have constructed a boardwalk. According to records, the first boardwalk came about in Cape May in the late 1860's. Throughout the centuries, coastal storms devastated the wooden structures. Cycling through a series of storm damage and rebuilding became the norm for the little town known back then as "Queen of the Seaside Resorts". But a March Nor'easter, known as the Ash Wednesday Storm of '62 destroyed all but two blocks of the boardwalk, sealing its fate once and for all. Officials applied for and received grant funding for the reconstruction of the seawall/promenade we enjoy today.

How We Enjoy the Promenade... Strolling is a favorite pastime on the Promenade, but early morning walkers share space with bikers and joggers alike. Bicycles are permitted only until 10:00 AM; however, be prepared for the occasional runner trotting alongside you. Trolley cars can be seen riding beside the seawall throughout the day on their historic tours.

Family Entertainment... There are two arcades on the Promenade to amuse children up to about early teens. The kiddy rides can be seen in operation from late morning to late evening. Blinking lights and the sound of bells attract arcade players of all ages, with two locations a leisurely walk apart in the salt air, or about three blocks. There are also city sponsored events, such as Craft and Art Shows displayed along the Promenade for your pleasure. The annual Cape May Baby Parade is viewed from the Promenade, and you won't find a bad seat in the house.

Shopping & Dining... Quaint little shops can be found by the old Convention Hall pier among the dining establishments. Beach Avenue is dotted with stores offering their wares directly across the street. Of course the Cape May Promenade has all the fun boardwalk foods of summer: hot dogs, ice cream cones, soft pretzels, and pizza. There are a couple snack bars located on the beach for your convenience. You can also find casual and fine dining right on the beachfront pier, along with eateries across the street. The night comes alive in pubs along the beachfront to extend your evening enjoyment.

*History facts from Boardwalk Memories,
Tales of the Jersey Shore
, by Emil R. Salvini.