Ugly Mug Froth Blowing Contest
Ugly Mug Froth Blowing Contest

It’s back….. The 2022 Ugly Mug Froth Blowing Contest is happening and you’re all invited!! Hosted by DJ Denny Oh!!
How low can you blow?!?  Sign ups start at 4pm on Sunday, September 18th with the contest starting at 6pm!
$5 donation to the P.A.L (Police Athletic League) includes a 2022 froth blowing tee shirt and entrance into the competition.
Do you think you have what it takes to be the 2022 Ugly Mug Froth Blowing Champion?!?

How does it work?
Contestants go up in groups of 5 and receive a glass of VERY frothy beer. On the count of 3 contestants blow into the beer glass attempting to blow out all the froth leaving the least amount in the glass. Judges announce the winner of that round and they then will move onto the semifinals. Sign up for as many rounds as you want to increase your chances!

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