Events for Wednesday, October 05, 2022

Possessing Harriet at East Lynne Theater Co.

In 1839, in Peterboro, NY, Thomas Leonard, a freed slave, helps Harriet Powell escape from her Southern owner who is visiting the area. While hiding in an attic, a price on her head, waiting to be taken to Canada in the dead of night, Harriet is with abolitionist Gerrit Smith and suffragette Elizabeth Cady (before she married Stanton). Confronted with new and difficult ideas about race and identity, Harriet faces the costs and benefits of freedom. Can Leonard, Smith and Cady convince her to go to Canada – and freedom? ELTC is presenting its fourth production and NJ premiere. Mr. Bass received a commission from the Onondaga Historical Association to write POSSESSING HARRIET. It is based on a true story.

Off to the Races

Enjoy a three-course dinner and watch as the mystery and drama unfold around you during “Off to the Races,” an original mystery written by Jacklyn Fazio, during this fall's Murder Mystery Dinner at the historic Chalfonte Hotel! When catastrophe strikes at one of the biggest and most important horse races of the year, everyone from the fans to the judges has their own opinions about what happened. Was this truly a tragic accident, or is something more sinister going on? And what could this mean for the future of the racetrack?