Events for Thursday, September 22, 2022

Possessing Harriet at East Lynne Theater Co.

In 1839, Harriet Powell escaped from her Southern owner with the help of a freed slave who took her to the home of abolitionist Gerrit Smith. While hiding in his attic, a price on her head, she waits to be taken to Canada – and freedom. With her is Elizabeth Cady (before she married Stanton), an advocate for women’s equality. Confronted with new and difficult ideas about race and identity, Harriet was forced to face the costs – and benefits - of freedom. This compelling new play premiered at Syracuse Stage in 2018, and was performed at the Franklin Stage Company, also in New York, in 2019.

The Lifespan of a Fact - Cape May Stage

In this comedic, yet gripping, battle over facts versus truth, a fresh-out-of-Harvard fact checker takes on a talented writer’s essay that could save the sinking New York magazine from collapse.