Top 4 Reasons Thanksgiving is the best in Cape May

Cape May is not just a summer destination anymore, Cape May is ready to welcome visitors year-round and if you are looking for a Thanksgiving retreat, this can be your home for a few days. We have plenty of rental availability and many great restaurants are still open. Below is a highlight of why to choose Cape May this holiday.

  1. Cheaper accommodation

During the off-season the price for accommodation drops substantially. It’s 50% less than the summer prime weeks and if you cannot stay a full week, owners are also accepting a 2 -3-night stay. You can enjoy the perks and avoid the summer crowds.

2.Free parking

The meters have officially stopped (except behind the mall area) so parking is now free! It’s so much easier to find a spot and you don’t have to drive around for about 20 minutes. You can park next to the restaurants and shops!

3.Easier access to restaurants

If you’ve been to the shore during summer months, you know you need to make a reservation a week in advance! Well, not this time of the year. You can get a table a few days in advance, or the day of. Sometimes reservations are not even needed, and walk-ins are welcome.

4. Great restaurants for Thanksgiving Dinner

If you don’t want to cook for Thanksgiving, there are so many great restaurants in Cape May that offer dinners.  You will still find a traditional menu including turkey, sweet potatoes, green beans casserole and cranberry sauce, but you will also find fresh seafood. Afterall, you are in one of the best shore towns. Below you can see a few restaurants that offer a buffet or a fixed menu. We would recommend making a reservation now.

  • Blue Pig – offers a three-course dinner and includes an appetizer, entrée and dessert for $45 per person. You can see their menu here.
  • Ballroom in Congress Hall – Every year they offer a buffet dinner and the seating starts 1:00 pm until 5:00 pm. For adults the ticket is $45+ and for children (ages 3-12) is $19+.
  • Ebbitt Room – They offer a 3-course dinner (appetizer, entrée and dessert) and it’s $65 per person. If you don’t want turkey, you can choose the duck breast instead.
  • Washington Inn – Their seating starts at 1:00 pm until 7:00 pm and they have a special menu and you can choose whatever you want.  You can see their menu here. If you want to eat in the comfort of your home, they also have a Thanksgiving Feast To Go. The dinner to go serves 12 people for a price of $349 plus tax, and it’s prepared by the Washington Inn and Lucky Bones.
  • Peter Shields Inn – offers a 3-course dinner and the price per adult is $65 and for the children it is $35.00. They have a great menu with a fantastic ocean view… it doesn’t get better than this.

A great way to give thanks this Thanksgiving is by joining Operation Fireside. This operation will allow you to host Coast Guard recruits for Thanksgiving dinner, so they can enjoy a home cooked meal and relax from their hard training. They are not allowed to spend time or see their own families for the holiday due to the negative impact on their training, so hosting them is the best gift for them.

Whether you are looking for a 2-3 nights stay or for a week, contact our rental department now at 609.884.1888 to book your holiday stay! You can also book online if you’d like and our entire inventory is HERE.

Cape May winter rentals are hot!

Happy Friday from Homestead! We truly hope everyone is set for a beautiful summer weekend. It is once again predicted to be hot and humid, so conditions will be ideal for beach days and barbecuing. We are at the height of the summer season now! With only one month until Labor Day, it’s the time to be enjoying summer to the fullest. We’re pleased to see our guests and locals alike doing just that; for as swiftly as summer arrived, we know that the Cape May off season will be equally as quick to replace it.




Speaking of autumn, as with many aspects of life, the change of seasons can becape may off season quite polarizing! While some would gladly accept an endless summer, we know there are those of you who are looking ahead to autumn or even winter. Maybe you wish to visit Cape May for an off season getaway, or perhaps you will be working in the Cape May area for the winter and require a longer-term retreat. Whatever the case may be, it’s time to talk about off-season rentals!




In recent years, Homestead has seen an uptick in the number of inquiries that we receive for an off-season, weekend rentals. Weddings, birthdays, retreat weekends and reunions are just a sampling of the events that regularly take place in Cape May every weekend in autumn. Of course, all of these events are buoyed by Cape May’s “shoulder season”. It’s true that after Labor Day many Cape May businesses DSCN1085gradually begin to decrease their hours of operation…but on weekends nearly all of the local restaurants, shops, and attractions remain open for business! If you’re staying (or have recently stayed) in one of our vacation rentals and would like to return to the property for a weekend in the fall or winter…ask us if it’s available! And if you’re looking ahead to the holiday season and wish to celebrate at the shore this year…we have rentals available for Christmas and Thanksgiving too!






For some, we understand that off-season stints in Cape May are business related, and in these cases, a multi-month rental is often what’s required. We refer to such rentals as “winter rentals”,  and we do have a wide selection of them available. There are properties suited to nearly all budgets and time frames. Keep in mind though that many property owners do in fact winterize their homes and suspend their rentals until the spring. Therefore; those properties that DO rent throughout the winter will be suddenly in demand and will book faster than one might think. Don’t wait until it’s too late! Research and book your winter rental now and enjoy Cape May at the height of tranquility (even if it IS work that will be bringing you here!)






Among winter rentals, here are some of Homestead’s best recommendations:




The Broadway Beach Condos, 211 Beach Avenue:  These 1 and 2 bedroom condos are competitively priced and feature flexible dates and an ideal location. Perfect for one or 2 occupants!







408pacific408 Pacific Avenue, West Cape May: This charming cottage almost always books for the winter! It’s cozy, pet-friendly, and features all the amenities of home!








940 Route 109 South, Cape May: (Just north of the Canal): This second-floor apartment is also pet-friendly. It’s ideal for those who wish to be in close proximity to the Garden State Parkway!







IMG_5429910 Lafayette St. Cottage: Instantly feel at home in this charming 1 bedroom cottage ideal for 1 or 2 occupants. The location of this property makes entering and exiting Cape may a breeze!







Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of our winter rental inventory. If you have a property in mind that you would like to call home this winter, inquire with us as to its availability and pricing! If your first choice is not available, we will work to locate a comparable property and location to best suit your needs. Rent for winter rentals is traditionally paid month by month, but custom payment schedules are available depending on your property of choice.



At this time, we at Homestead would like to encourage everyone to continue enjoying balmy summer evenings, long hot beach days, and all matters of fun in the sun! But remember, time moves along quickly. In just over a month the first hint of autumn will be imminent, and winter will be right on its heels. Is Cape May where YOU want to be when the air becomes crisp and the leaves brilliantly vibrant?… it’s a thought worth pondering while you enjoy the last weeks of summer.



We wish everyone a wonderful weekend. Stay safe, have fun, and stay cool by turning your thoughts to falling leaves, fire pits, and brisk sunset beach walks. The seasons will always change…but your fun in Cape May doesn’t have to turn with them.



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