We’ve Never been to Cape May…Where do we Stay? Let’s find out!

As we transition into autumn here in Cape May, the September weather has not disappointed. While last week was downright crisp, this week has seen the return of tropical humidity. Temperatures are tolerable though..which keeps the oppressiveness at bay. In short, the weather is conducive to outdoor exploring in and around town. Most restaurants and businesses are still open as well, offering air conditioned relief and relaxation when needed! We hope everyone is ready to enjoy the fall season and explore all that Cape May has to offer. At Homestead, our agents have already been busy with inquiries and reservations for the 2018 summer season. We’re so pleased at the number of inquiries we are receiving from those that have never been to Cape May before. Among such inquiries, a common question centers around the different areas of town and which one is “best”. Well, any Cape May native or habitual visitor will tell you that there are no “best” areas…there’s simply different parts of town that are more suited to specific needs and desires. Let’s take a look…




Cape May Proper: Cross the main bridge into town (sometimes referred to as the Lobster House Bridge” by many a local) and you’re on your way into Cape May. The foot of the bridge splits off into Washington Street or Lafayette Street Lafayette ends at historic Jackson Street., just past Cape May’s beautiful new rotary park. Washington breezes past Cape May landmarks such as the Emlen Physick Estate and the Washington Inn, before ultimately flowing into the venerable Washington Street Mall. The mall and its surrounding areas are typically referred to as the “center of town”. It’s impossible to miss…and once you visit, you’ll want to keep coming back.






Cape May’s East End: Cape May’s east side is not officially named as such, but it encompasses a specific area of the island that is worth a mention. A long time favorite among many rental guests, the east end is home to multiple residential areas. These are quiet enclaves that are within an easy walking distance to the center of town. The most exclusive of such areas is referred to as Poverty Beach, which is home to multiple grandly designed beachside estates. These homes are all 5+ bedrooms and are ideally suited for larger rental groups. Many of the properties feature the “upside down” layouts which are conducive to entertaining, privacy, and views. Continue North on Pittsburgh Avenue and you’ll pass the “state streets” to your left (and the Coast Guard Base on the right). These streets encompass a large residential area of single family homes, before transitioning into a section known as Village Green…a neighborhood with many twin and quad style homes. While it’s a bit of a longer walk to the beach and town, these homes can be ideal for small rental groups, and many allow pets too! Most of the east side streets connect Pittsburgh Avenue to Madison, which is abutted by Columbia, Washington, Lafayette, and multiple side lanes that lead westward to the town center. All streets are worth exploring as no two are the same!






Cape May Summer CrabbingWest Cape May: Unlike the unofficially branded east side, West Cape May is its own municipality. From the north, head into town via Seashore Road over the locally termed “West Cape May Bridge”. Just past Stimpson Lane (which leads towards the point-more on that below), Seashore Road becomes Broadway…and you’re officially in West Cape May. To the left, various avenues connect Broadway to Park Boulevard. One such avenue is Mechanic Street, which is home to quaint cottages like this one. To the right is the largest area of West Cape May, where avenues with numeric titles connect Broadway to Bayshore Road. Bayshore leads toward Sunset Boulevard and also intersects the popular Willow Creek Winery and Beach Plum Farm. This general area is largely residential, with single family rental homes in varying styles and sizes. It’s a perfect location if you’re in search of a more modern variety of rental, and it’s also home to a number of pet friendly properties. You’ll find 2 bedroom cottages, 5 bedroom spaciousness, and everything in between. From most of its areas, West Cape May does require a jaunt into the center of town via car or bike. The upside though is that its location often awards renters more house for the money…so that’s something to keep in mind as you scope out your next Cape May rental locale.






Cape May Point: Encapsulating the beauty of nature, Cape May Point containsCape May Lighthouse just one restaurant, and its post office…that’s it. In fact, homes in the Point don’t even have door to door post service…that’s how tranquil of an area it is! Home to the Cape May Bird Observatory, Cape May Point State Park, and the Cape May Lighthouse…this is where to stay if you aspire to be surrounded by nature. But remember that the bustle of Cape May is just minutes away. Residences in the point are often charming and whimsical cottages that are a blend of the beach and the country. But larger, modern homes are available as well. And due to its notoriety as a premier birding destination…the Point typically remains booked straight through the fall season.






Cape May Beach House Vacation RentalsOffshore: Head offshore via West Cape May, then head west. You’ll be met by the Cape May Lewes Ferry entrance and the Lower Township Bay Front, where a number of beautiful properties feature panoramic views of the Delaware Bay. The surrounding area is an established, heavily shaded community with a wide range of properties. And the bay beaches feature their own brand of tranquility and local flare. The offshore area may not be where you want to stay if you’re experiencing Cape May for the first time…but it’s certainly worth a visit, especially to view the incomparable sunsets of the Delaware Bay.





So there we have it, a condensed answer to the question of “where do we stay if we’ve never been to Cape May?” As you may now realize…it’s not an easy question to answer. That’s why now is the time to begin exploring the Cape May area and narrow down your rental selections. Take advantage of this beautiful autumn season and plan ahead! By the time next summer rolls around…you’ll have nothing to do but get in the car and head south.





When you’re ready to reserve a rental, remember that Homestead’s agents are available to guide you through the process and make it as easy as possible.





Research, reserve, and then… relax!




Hello September! 10 Reasons this is a “Must Visit” Month in Cape May…

Welcome September! It’s no secret that this first day of the ninth month is a favorite among Cape May locals. Everyone loves the buzz of the summer…but the peak season crowds combined with often intense heat & humidity create a longing for a respite. Enter September! With beautiful weather and an even pace…it’s no wonder this month is a local favorite. But it’s not just Cape May natives who should bask in the commencement of the “off-season”, rather; this is also a perfect time of year to visit for a day, weekend, or even a full week. Here are 10 reasons to LOVE September in Cape May…









Labor Day Weekend: Okay, so have you once again let the summer slide by without taking a vacation? Was your last 3 day weekend the 4th of July? If so, you’re not alone! Summer has always been a “blink and you miss it” kind of season, especially in Cape May. That’s why Labor Day weekend is a great time to relax, unwind, and enjoy the late summer atmosphere. If you’re fortunate to have been granted a 3 day weekend, Cape May is the place to be. We’re the perfect locale for impromptu day-trips. Come enjoy a nice change of scenery before “back to school” and planning for Fall begin to dominate your calendar.





Wondrous Weather: Of course there are exceptions, but generally speaking, September features some of the most gorgeous weather of the year here in Cape May. The oppressiveness of midsummer gives way to sun drenched, calm days with crystal blue skies. The air is still quite warm though, and the evenings typically remain balmy-mostly due to the mild autumn waters of the Atlantic. In short, it’s not too hot and not too cold, not yet “crisp”, but no longer scorching. If there’s such a thing as “perfect” weather…September in Cape May is about as close as it gets.





The Best of the Beach: Tying in nicely with the beautiful weather is the fact that September on the beach is a wonderful experience. First, the beaches do become FREE after Labor Day and no tags are needed. The crowds also thin out considerably…especially during the week. It’s that time of year when you can get lost in a book by the shoreline and feel as though you are on a private beach. And as mentioned, the water is often still very warm too. We do remind you to be EXTREMELY careful when enjoying the beach in September, as the beach patrol vacates for the season just after Labor Day.





Weekday Wanderlust: The lighter crowds of September aren’t just confined to the beach. The inevitable start of the school year has a direct effect on the number of people that are in and about town during the week. But if you DO plan to take a September vacation week, be assured that businesses, restaurants, and attractions are open an average of about 5 days per week. In fact, most remain open 7 days until the end of the month. If a business does choose to close for one or two days per week as the off-season begins, typically those days are Monday and/or Tuesday. Still, you can be certain that your September stroll around Cape May will be met with open doors and plenty of fun.





Weekend warriors: Not quite ready to leave the summer behind? Enjoy the fast paced feel of the seashore at its peak? Well, September weekends in Cape May are certainly for you. The lighter crowds of the weekday give way to bustling weekends that are reminiscent of mid July. If you’re here for a full week this month…you’ll truly get the best of both worlds with a quieter “work” week followed by a lively weekend.





Wedding Wonderland: Cape May is one of our nation’s premiere wedding destinations…and September is a popular (and ideal) month for weddings! It’s impossible to be in town during a September weekend and not come across a wedding party on the beach, in a horse and carriage, on the trolley, or sometimes just strolling through town. Weddings large and small are held throughout town, and they consistently enhance Cape May’s storybook charm. And if you’re planning your own nuptials, this is a fabulous time to shop venues, accommodations, gowns, & gifts.





“Wine” down your Summer: Cape May County is home to some of New Jersey’s finest vineyards, including the Cape May Winery, Hawk Haven Winery, and Willow Creek Winery. You should most definitely visit one (or all) of these establishments. From the last of Sangria Sunday’s at Hawk Haven, to exciting events at Willow Creek such as Yoga in the Vines, Wine & Paint, and Fire Pit Fridays (a local favorite)…there’s always something fun happening at one of our hometown wineries.





Shop Away the Season: Everyday is a good day for shopping in Cape May…especially when it comes to the unique offerings found throughout the beautiful Washington Street Mall. September brings an extra special shopping experience with the mall’s semi-annual Sidewalk Sale (9/14-9/17/17). You’ll discover bargains you won’t believe on products you can’t find anywhere else! This Labor Day weekend, stroll up to the promenade and experience the “summer send-off Craft Show”. It’s the place to stock up on holiday gifts, home decor, jewelry, and much more. There’s something for everyone, topped off, of course, buy the panoramic view of the Ocean just steps away.





Reduced Rates Rule the Month: That’s right…most rental properties experience a significant price reduction now that the prime season has concluded. There’s also far more flexibility for your rental time frame. Enjoy two and three night minimums at many properties, and even stay for a full week without being confined to the Saturday-Saturday summer rental model. The possibilities are endless…all you have to do is ask!





Look Forward to Fall Fun: Autumn is a favorite season of many, and it’s time to begin getting excited about it. Cape May is not a place where the seasons are rushed…so don’t expect to see Christmas lights and Santa just yet. What you will find though, is that many homes and businesses will become beautifully decked out for Fall over the next few weeks. There will also be festivals & foliage, golden sunsets and crisp days for birding. It’s all coming up, and we’ll keep you informed every step of the way.





As Labor Day Weekend 2017 descends upon Cape May like a late summer sunset, remember that a new season of fun has just begun. We wish everyone a safe and enjoyable weekend, and we sure do hope that we will see you in September!





As Summer Slowly Fizzles…Here are 4 Types of Cape May Rentals to be Planning NOW…

You can feel it in the heavy air, shorter evenings, and lush overgrowth of many gardens, trees, lawns and shrubbery. Summer is heading towards its finish line. It’s been a wonderful summer here in Cape May. And for many, there are still a few weeks of rest remaining before school begins and autumn activities commence. The reality though is that prime season is winding down. Weekly summer rentals are already heating up for 2018…but they’re just about out of steam for the current year. What does that mean? A few things! For one, now is the time to plan ahead and reserve your 2018 Cape May vacation. And secondly…if you’ve been waiting to plan that impromptu autumn getaway, holiday escape, or tranquil winter weekend…there’s never been a better time to get started. Don’t miss out on the Cape May time you’ve been longing for. Let’s get started in taking a look at the next steps for booking your escape…







First and foremost…there are numerous rental properties with full weeks remaining available. Saturday, August 19th is the LAST week of prime season here in Cape May. Believe it or not, there is still time to book that week if a very last minute rental should come onto your agenda. Please contact Homestead and speak with one of our rental agents directly, as they would be glad to check on availability for you. At this late date…final availability would be subject to each property owner. Moving forward, rates for full week rentals gradually begin to decrease starting with the week of August 26th. And by the time we reach September, MOST properties that are renting through the fall are in a reduced status. September and October are absolutely gorgeous months in Cape May. There is always lots going on, and generally perfect weather. If you’ve missed out on the summer…don’t fret…as the fall is ready to welcome you with warmth, relaxation, and fun!







Next up on the rental agenda…it’s winter rentals. You may have heard this term before and wondered just what it meant. Generally speaking, a winter rental is a long term monthly rental that offers flexibility, value, and convenience if you need or want to stay in Cape May through the entirety of the off-season. The pricing structure for winter rentals is entirely different than it is during the summer resort season. It’s based on a monthly rate that generally falls between about $900 up to about $1500. At times, some utilities are included! Homestead does have a selection of winter rentals that we advertise…but sometimes our property owners will consider a long term, off season rental even if they don’t specifically advertise for one. So if this sort of rental is what you’re looking for…the best way to begin is to select your budget, time frame, and desired monthly rate. Utilizing that information, we can match you to an ideal property for your off season Cape May stay. Experience our town in the golden crispness of the fall and the sparkling serenity of the winter season.








ICape May Beach Sunsetf a long term winter rental is just not practical (or needed) at this time…maybe a short term weekend rental would fit the bill! Weekend rentals are all about fun. Whether you’re going to be in Cape May for a wedding, special event, or just need a getaway…there are plenty of options to suit your needs and budget. Often times the cost of renting an entire home or condominium is LESS than staying in a hotel for the weekend. It also awards you more space, more privacy, and the ability to bring your pet! (to one of our pet friendly rentals). Some upcoming great times to be here in Cape May include Columbus Day weekend (and its accompanying Lima Bean Festival!), Halloween, Thanksgiving, the Christmas Parade, etc.* Again, the best way to plan your weekend rental is to research the properties that interest you, and then contact our rental team to finalize the booking process. Don’t forget to add linens to your rental! In the off season, linen packages for our rentals are offered at a 50% discount for short term reservations.








Lastly, we know this is the time of year when excitement begins to build around the coming of autumn. Therefore, summer of 2018 may seem too far in the future to be of consideration. BUT…if you know that you would like to come to Cape May next summer, and if you know the week(s) that you want to be here….NOW is the time to book! For one, any reservation made between now and December 1st will be placed on a 3 payment schedule for your convenience. And as the dust settles on our re-booking season, this is also the time that availability for 2018 falls into place and the selection of available properties is at its largest. Remember that Homestead does offer Travel Insurance on ALL of our leases. Add the insurance for your early booking to increase your piece of mind should the unexpected occur between now and next year.







Whether you’re a habitual visitor to Cape May, planning to vacation here for the first time, or find yourself required to be here for a special event…Homestead has you covered. Enjoy the remainder of your summer and the coming of autumn. And remember that anytime is a good time to visit Cape May.



*Although we encourage the rental of our properties for accommodations, please remember that rental homes cannot be used as “event homes”, and must be for accommodations only, or small events that adhere to the property occupancy.



Cape May’s August Offerings…Here’s why Summer is far from over!

August is officially upon us, and with it comes the usual talk about the end of summer, the advent of fall, and “back to school” time. We know that fall is a wonderful season, and that the summer heat can be a bit oppressive….but it’s also important to enjoy each season to its fullest extent. Don’t let August pass you by as you a anticipate the autumn to come. There is simply too much going on that you don’t want to miss. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to enjoy Cape May throughout the next few weeks….








On Saturday, August 5th, the place to be is the Emlen Physick Estate for the 6th Annual Craft Beer and Crab Festival! Presented by Cape May’s Mid Atlantic Center for the Arts and Humanities…this all day event will include local craft beers and summer delicacies, including steamed crabs and crab cakes. There will also be live music & crafts for the ultimate in summer fun. The Emlem Physick Estate is located on Washington Street; one of the two primary routes in and out of Cape May. So this is the absolutely perfect event to stop off at on your way into town. Kick off your vacation and indulge in a summer lunch before picking up the keys to your rental property.









This Saturday, August 5th and Sunday, August 6th at Historic Cold Spring Vilage, it’s “Down on the Farm” weekend. Interactive actives will allow you to experience what life was like in Early American South Jersey. Although Cape May is a bustling seashore resort…many areas of greater Cape May County are actually home to working farmlands. Experience the farming lifestyle and enjoy the charm and history of beautiful Cold Spring Village. The Village will also be holding a Dog Show this Saturday between 11 am and noon! All are welcome.










On Saturday evening, August 5th (and every Saturday through Labor Day), experience Jazz Night at the gorgeous Willow Creek Winery. Admission is FREE. This Saturday is scheduled to feature the relaxing sounds of the Erik Marley Trio.








The SOMA New Art Gallery will be kicking off it’s fourth art exhibition of the 2017 season. Featured artists will be Greg Bennett, and local favorite Victor Grasso. The exhibition will begin at 10:00 am on Sunday, August 6th. Stop in, cool off, and enjoy a bit of Cape May culture.







As if there weren’t already a laundry list of reasons to visit the Cape May Point Lighthouse, here’s another one: Monday, August 7th is National Lighthouse Day! Cape May’s Lighthouse will be celebrating with games, music, and craft vendors. Activities will all take place at the base of the lighthouse, and are sponsored by Cape May’s Mid Atlantic Center for the Arts. Take this opportunity to explore Cape May Point State Park and the surrounding area as well. You’ll be glad you did.







On Wednesday, August 9th, enjoy the mid-point of your Cape May vacation week with a FREE summer concert at the Cape May Lewes Ferry Terminal Lawn. This week’s concert will feature the smooth music of the Soul Cruisers…perfect for a midsummer’s evening.







This Thursday, August 10th, the always exciting “Movies on the Beach” presents “JAWS”. We can’t think of a better film to watch while sitting on the beach and listening to the roar of the ocean in the background. Talk about adding to the suspense! The film will begin at 8:00 pm on Stockton Avenue beach (just next to Cape May’s Convention Hall). This is a FREE event.








Saturday, August 12th and Sunday, August 13th, your Promenade stroll will be enhanced by the semi-annual Promenade Craft Show. This is a great opportunity to pick up a few wonderful Cape May souvenirs before you head out of town. You’ll find handmade crafts and artwork that are truly one of a kind. And there’s nothing like browsing and shopping in the open air while listening to the seaside as it beckons.








In addition to the events that we’ve mentioned, perennial favorites that will continue through the month include Fire Pit Fridays at the Willow Creek Winery, Sangria Sundays at Hawk Haven Winery, Rotary Bandstand Concerts, The Nature and Wildlife Show at Convention Hall, and the West Cape May Farmers Market (where Homestead is always a presence!)








By now, we’re sure you’re realizing that there’s more to see and do in Cape May than we could ever mention…and we’re only talking about the month of August! So while you anticipate the fall-with its crisp air and crystal blue skies-enjoy the rest of the summer and the multitude of events that it has in store.


Happy Friday!





*Homestead does not manage any of the events that have been listed. All are subject to change without notice.

Cape May’s Natural World: Beautiful Beaches, but so much More! Here’s what to see…

Here in Cape May, it’s the season of beach days, barbecues, bike rides and the boardwalk. We’ve reached peak summer…and there are so many ways to enjoy the season. It’s simply a given that most Cape May vacations include the beach, dining, shopping, and sightseeing. But have you explored Cape May’s natural world? It’s so much more than just the beach…and you won’t want to leave here without taking it all in. While the barrier island resort communities are naturally more barren, Cape May is instead rich with vegetation and wildlife. Our heat and humidity can be a bit oppressive at times…but it does wonders for the growth of many perennials, annuals, trees, and grasses. Even Magnolia trees are in bloom here…like the ones that grace the gardens of our very own office! So if you’re in the mood to explore nature at its finest, here’s a look at some of the locales you won’t want to miss…








Cape May Point:
Even if you are staying in Cape May Proper or West Cape May….a visit to The Point is absolutely essential. Home to only two businesses (The Red Store restaurant and the U.S. Post Office), Cape May Point is about as natural as it gets. No two homes are the same, and many of them are flanked by colorful gardens and beautiful beach grasses. In the center of the point is scenic Lake Lily. Have a seat by the lake shore or take a stroll around and watch the swans, ducks, dragonflies and butterflies as they drift gracefully around the lake. Head over to Cape May Point State Park (just near the lighthouse) and enjoy various nature trails, birding platforms, and of course, the Cape May Point Lighthouse. If birding is on your agenda, you likely know that The Point is a prime destination…especially in the spring and fall seasons. So it’s a great excuse to book an off season weekend jaunt!








Cape May’s Nature Center:
Located on the east end of town just near the Cape May Harbor, The Nature Center of Cape May is a wonderful experience for the whole family. The center includes numerous children’s activities, an observation deck perfect for birding (or just taking in the panoramic harbor views), themed gardens, a picnic area, and much more. Don’t let your vacation escape you without a trip to the nature center….and be sure to inquire about the family birding cruise! It takes place daily through the end of September.








Cape May New Jersey SpringCox Hall Creek Wildlife Management Area:
Just a quick ride over the bridge into Lower Township…this is one of Cape May County’s natural hidden gems. Formerly operated as a golf course, the area has long since been fully returned to nature and contains over 200 acres of land. Miles of walking trails (formerly golf cart paths), a fishing lake, and bike paths make this an ideal area for relaxing, exercising, or both. And if your pet has come along with you for vacation, they will love walking the paths here too! Cox Hall Creek is the perfect place to spend some time on a not so great beach day, or to unwind if you find yourself needing a respite from the bustle of a summer vacation at the shore.








Cape May County Zoo (and Park):
If you’ve vacationed in Cape May before, there’s a good chance you’ve been to our local zoo. Located just off of the Garden State Parkway (at Mile 11), the zoo is a perennial favorite for locals and visitors alike. It’s an ever changing experience with the constant addition of new habitats and exhibits. In fact, in the past week the zoo has welcomed two adorable snow leopard cubs-which in itself is reason enough to visit. Adjacent to the zoo is the Cape May County Park, complete with a fitness course and maintained hiking trails. It’s another wonderful area to take in a leisurely walk…or challenge yourself to complete new fitness goals.








Bike Paths:
Cape May county features a bike path that winds its way from the Cold Spring area of Lower Township all the way north to the County Park and Zoo. Some parts of the path are still under construction….but most of it is complete and ready for use. The path is a perfect place for walking, biking, and exploring nature at its finest.









Fresh Produce:
Last but not least, New Jersey (and Cape May County) is home to some of the best produce in the country. After all, they don’t call it the garden state for nothing. Be sure and stop off at any of the numerous produce stands in the area for tomatoes, blueberries, corn…and just about any summer staple that you could imagine. Your summer barbecue at the shore is simply not complete without a taste of Jersey’s finest fruits and vegetables. We recommend visits to Beach Plum Farm and the West Cape May farmers market (where you can visit our weekly information booth too!) just to name a few.








Whether you’re already looking ahead to your 2018 Cape May vacation, planning an off season visit, or anticipating an arrival in Cape May during the remaining 2017 season…schedule some time to explore our natural world. Combined with the beach, it’s the ultimate experience of summer tranquility.






Swing through Summer in Cape May with Music, Movies, Crafts and Contests! Here’s how…

Every now and again when the fourth of July rolls around, it is said that “summer is almost over”. However, here in Cape May we know different. In reality, the summer has just begun! The Independence Day weekend has come and gone…and what a weekend it was. Throngs of visitors and locals alike enjoyed our beaches, promenade, restaurants, shopping, and so much more. It’s at this time of the year that Cape May truly becomes a fantasy in which time stops, days of the week are interchangeable, and there is a near constant hum of activity and excitement.







In this season of long days and scorching sun (save for the occasional summer T-storm) it’s easy to adopt a sort of tunnel vision for the beach. Sure, marathon beach days lingering into sunset are a wonderful experience that we would never discourage…but remember not to lose sight of the multitude of activities offered in and around town, all throughout the summer. Here are some highlights from the next few weeks…







-This weekend, 7/7 thru 7/9, you won’t want to miss the art show on Cape May’s promenade. There’s something truly magical in the experience of strolling the promenade and viewing fine arts and hand made goods to one side, and panoramic beach/ocean views on the other. This is a fabulous opportunity to obtain souvenirs, home decor, and even holiday gifts. The weekend-long event awards you multiple opportunities for browsing and shopping, no matter your arrival or departure date.





-In the mood to be out on the water? Of course you are! Every Friday from now through 8/25 is the “Rock the Boat Cruise” at the Cape May Lewes Ferry. A different artist will provide entertainment every week…all while you cruise the Delaware Bay. Reservations are suggested for this event.








-A reminder that every Thursday from now through 8/24, Cape May presents “Movies on the Beach” at Beach Ave and Stockton Place. This perennial event is always a crowd pleaser that the whole family can enjoy. There’s a good chance you’ve seen many (if not all) of the movies featured…but the combination of the big screen, the beach, and the roar of the ocean is an experience like nothing else, and chances are you’ll enjoy the films in a whole new light.








-Enjoy “Music in the Park” at Cape May’s Rotary Park bandstand. Concerts are presented every Friday through Monday at 7:00 pm through mid September. The newly designed rotary park bandstand is located in the center of Cape May and is within a short walk to many rental homes, restaurants, and the Washington Street Mall.








Sangria Sundays are back at the Hawk Haven Winery! House made sangrias, wine tastings, and live music are a perfect way to kick off your vacation and experience a bit of our local culture. Venture just off-shore and enjoy this relaxing tradition from now through the end of the summer.








-Also every Sunday through the end of August, it’s the Nature and Wildlife show at Cape May’s convention hall (7:30-8:30 pm). This event is FREE for the whole family. Take a walk through as you stroll the promenade in the evening.









-On Wednesday’s throughout the summer season, venture down to Cape May Point and enjoy Family Fun Days at the Cape May Lighthouse, sponsored by Cape May’s Mid Atlantic Center for the Arts and Humanities. You’ll experience entertainment, local crafts, activities for children, and of course the beauty that is Cape May’s Lighthouse.










-Last but not least, head offshore to Clubhouse Drive (just off of Townbank Road) and check out the Whale of a Day Festival! This quirky local event is always a fun time. And the best part? Homestead will be there! Be sure to stop by our tent and say hello. You can even enter for a chance to win the 2017 Whale of a Day beach chair. Not just any chair…ours is a beautiful shade of marine blue outfitted with a white whale. It’s truly one of a kind (and comfortable too!).









A beach chair might be a fun prize, but it’s not the only thing we’d like you to win this summer. In our largest contest every…Homestead wants YOU to help us “welcome home” our guests. Submit a high resolution photo of your Cape May experience and it will be entered to win a featured place on our billboard…which welcomes guests to Cape May just as they “exit zero” at the foot of the Garden State Parkway. Photo submissions will be accepted from current Homestead guests, local residents, part time vacationers…basically anyone who enjoys Cape May as much as we do and doesn’t want to contain their excitement! (Only one photo per person will be accepted for consideration, photos will be presented on the billboard for approximately 6 months. Entries or questions may be submitted to jpowers@homesteadrealestate.net).

Our current Billboard:









As we move swiftly through the summer, we hope you will take time to stop and enjoy everything that Cape May has to offer. Whether you’re beginning a new vacation tradition, taking part in a long standing one, or simply passing through on a summer day trip…we want you to have a wonderful time. And remember, when you inevitably decide to return to Cape May…we’ll be right here waiting to assist with all of your real estate needs. Because you too, can be a local.




Happy Summer!



Cape May Beach Vacations


You need a Vacation! And there’s still time to be our guest. Here’s how…

While the summer season unofficially began a few weeks ago with Memorial Day Weekend, the official start of summer is just a few days away! Most schools are concluding for the year, the weather is increasingly warmer and humid…and now is the time to get excited. There’s no more anticipation, because summer is here. If you’ve been on the fence about a Cape May vacation, now is the time to plunge in and make it happen. There are still a number of rental weeks remaining available…but they’re going quickly. Let’s looks at the areas of the Cape that await your vacation, as well as a few of the properties still available for THIS summer!






We’ll start right in the center of town with Cape Island. If you want to be in the heart of the action, this is the place for you. A rental in Cape May proper awards the ability to walk nearly everywhere. You also have your pick of numerous beaches, restaurants, and shopping experiences. If you’ve not ever been to Cape May and would like to give it a go, we certainly recommend vacationing towards the center of town. Here are a few properties that maintain current availability…







517 Broad St, Unit A. This 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath townhome is perfectly situated to everything you could ever want for your Cape May vacation. There’s a shaded front porch and a rooftop sun-deck too! The weeks of 6/24 and 8/26 are still available, and the rental rate for 6/24 has just been reduced…so now is your chance to grab it!









1822 Maryland Ave. Although just a bit further from the center of town, this stunning home is still within an easy walking distance, and it features absolutely gorgeous views of the ocean. New to Homestead’s rental inventory, the week of 6/24 remains available, as well as a few weeks in August.









1608 Maryland Ave. PET FRIENDLY on the east end of Cape May! Also within walking distance to town, this property features lovely views of the preserved wetlands and is only a 2 blocks to the beach. Make it yours for the open week of 7/8. A few weeks in August are available as well.









1107 Beach Ave. Unit C1. OCEAN VIEWS and walking distance to everything! And the best part? The week of 7/15 remains available and has just been reduced by $500.









Now that we’ve sampled a selection of Cape May offerings, let’s turn our attention to the residential relaxation of West Cape May. This area is a lovely neighborhood situated between Cape May proper and the Point. If you’re ready and willing to do a bit of walking, you can still reach the center of town on foot from many areas of the west end. Because of its residential nature, many properties in West Cape May are competitively priced and feature modern floor plans. Let’s take a look…









503 Fourth Ave. This 4 bedroom, 3 bath property features a beautiful front screened porch, open floor plan, and a spacious rear deck abutting natural tranquility. The week of 7/15 is the only prime time that remains for 2017. Make your reservation now before this one is booked solid!









112 Yorke Ave. Located on the east side of Broadway, this home features prime availability for both July AND August. It’s the best of the past and the present, as modern amenities abound amidst charming Victorian style architecture.










215 Second Ave. PET FRIEDNLY and still available for the prime weeks of 7/8 and 8/19. Highlights include a first floor master bedroom and a spacious rear yard.








Beyond West Cape May, a drive down Sunset Boulevard will lead you to the ultimate in tranquility; Cape May Point. This is where you want to be if your vacation plans are to disconnect and decompress. It’s also a nature lover’s paradise, prime birding destination, and home to Cape May Point State Park and the Cape May Lighthouse. The center of town is a quick bike ride or drive. Here’s a look at some wonderful accommodations at the Point…









305 Brainard Ave. This beautiful 4 bedroom home features an “upside down” layout and an open back yard perfect for picnicking. It’s also within a block to beach access. Both weeks of 7/8-7/22 remain open. Rent one (or both !) before they disappear.










613 Lighthouse Ave. This is a 4 bedroom beauty facing the scenic Lake Lily, and the coveted week of 8/5 has just opened up. This is the busiest week of the season, with scarcely any homes remaining on the rental market. If the week of 8/5 is your choice…grab this one now.










315 Knox Ave. Airy, whimsical, and unique, this 4 bedroom home was simply designed for vacation! Although new to our inventory, it has booked quickly. The weeks of 6/24 and 8/26 are still available though. Claim one while you still can.










707 East Lake Drive. This wonderful 4 bedroom home is NEW to renting! That means that its selection of available weeks is above average for this point in the season. Take your pick of a July or August vacation with a stunning view of Lake Lily.








Last but certainly not least is the offshore/bayside area (just off of Cape Island). This is certainly worth a look if you’re in search of vacation value and bayside serenity. Here’s a look at a few of our options…










404 Delview Road. This quaint Sunday-Sunday rental is just 3 blocks from the Delaware Bay…home to some of the most stunning sunsets that you’ll ever see. Make this your choice for a last minute vacation.










704 Pilgrim Plaza. Easily walk to the bay, ferry and Lower Township’s community pool from this adorable cottage that sleeps 8. Tastefully appointed with a fenced in yard and off street parking too! Plenty of prime weeks remain available.










The properties that we have mentioned are certainly not an exhaustive list of what remains ready to rent…so we do encourage you to explore our full inventory. However, the homes we’ve highlighted are surely some of the best choices for a last minute rental. You’ve been putting it off…but now is the time! Don’t miss out on a week in Cape May. Contact Homestead today or reserve right online. We can’t wait for you to be our guest. Happy Summer!



Cape May Summer Beach Rentals

The Joy of June: Why Cape May’s early Season is the perfect time to be Here

As Memorial Day has come and gone, there is a temptation to begin looking ahead to Fourth of July weekend and all the festivities that it will bring. However, the month of June is one of the best times to be here in Cape May…so we encourage you not to sit back and let it pass you by! Here’s a look at what you simply should not miss as we journey through these early days of summer…





On Friday, June 2nd, Saturday, June 3rd, and Sunday, June 4th, the Harborfest Boat Show will be taking place at Schellenger’s Landing. This is the 9th annual in-water boat show. If you’re a current or aspiring boater…you’ll surely want to stop by!





Beginning on Friday, June 2nd, Cape May’s SOMA NewArt Gallery will begin its second exhibition of the 2017 Season! Be sure to stop by the gallery at 31 Perry St, Cape May, and explore the outstanding work of local artists.






On Saturday, June 3rd, you won’t want to miss the West Cape May Strawberry Festival. Sponsored by the West Cape May Business Association and located in Wilbraham Park, the festival is one of Cape May’s most popular events. Strawberry festivals abound at this time of the year, but we guarantee you haven’t attended one like this! There will be live music, strawberry themed pottery, jewelry and other crafts, not to mention delicious strawberry confections. Homestead will be present at the festival as well, on hand to answer your real estate questions. And there will also be a chance to win our 2017 strawberry festival beach chair. Stop by and say hello! (The rain date is Sunday June 4th…but Saturday is on track to be a beautiful day!).






Are you a seasoned fisherman or a novice looking to give it a go? If so, you’ll surely want to attend the South Jersey Shark Tournament at South Jersey Marina. This event will take place from Wednesday, June 7th through Saturday, June 10th.







Cape May is rife with wonderful music, and on Thursday, June 8th, the Bay Atlantic Symphony will be performing at the First Presbyterian Church, located at 500 Hughes St. Wind down your week with this relaxing event.







Looking to enjoy music that’s a bit more interactive? Look no further! On Saturday, June 10th and Sunday, June 11th, Homestead will be sponsoring a very special event. Join the renowned Dr. Ysaye Barnwell, formerly of “Sweet Honey in the Rock”. Dr. Barnwell will be conducting a vocal workshop entitled “Singing in the African-American Tradition”. This will take place on June 10th from 9 am to 4 pm at the Cape May Lutheran Church. Lunch will be included. On Sunday, June 11th, join in for a community sing and help us raise the roof! The sing will take place between 3 and 5 pm. It’s truly a once in a lifetime experience and we hope to see you there.








So there you have it, a fine sampling of what’s coming up during this most exciting month of June. Of course, it’s simply impossible for us to list all of Cape May’s wonderful events. Often times the best option is to stroll around town with no particular plans, only to discover events, stores, and dining options unlike any other.







Homestead would also like to remind you that there is still availability for the 2017 season. If you need a vacation…we’re here to help! Don’t let the summer pass you by. If you’re interested in a prime season rental week, don’t assume that all properties are booked, as you may be pleasantly surprised. Of course, as we inch closer towards peak summer, properties will become more and more limited. So the time to act is now. Join us in Cape May for a vacation like no other. You’ll be so glad you did.

Memorial Day: A time for Honor and Remembrance



Memorial Day weekend is here, and summer has unofficially begun!  We hope that everyone’s weekend is filled with friends, family, and fun. But at this time, we also encourage remembrance of the reason why we are able to enjoy this extended weekend. It is because of those who made the ultimate sacrifice in protecting our country, our freedoms, and all we that we tout as our national ideals.


If you’re visiting Cape May this weekend, there are a number of opportunities to show reverence to those who have served and sacrificed. Here is a list of Memorial Day events dedicated to honoring these brave souls:



Sunday, May 28th


Coast Guard Sunset Parade – U.S. Coast Guard Training Center, Cape May Parade Grounds, 1 Munro Ave. 7 PM – 8:30 PM



Atlantic Brass Band at Cape May Rotary Bandstand (Free Admission) 7 PM – 8:30 PM




Monday, May 29th


Memorial Day Ceremonial Events: 


9 – 10 am  – Memorial Day Ceremony at the All Wars Monument, Columbia Avenue


11 am – Cape May Convention Hall, Wreath Laying Observance


11:45 am – U.S. Coast Guard Rifle Salute and launching of the flower boat from Gurney Street Beach




Memorial Day Parade – Monday, May 29 at 10 am. Memorial Field on Pacific Avenue, next to American Legion Hall, Cape May Court House




Memorial Day Ceremony – Monday, May 29 at 2 p.m. Cape May County Veterans Cemetery, 129 Crest Haven Rd., Cape May Court House




Nightly at Sunset – Flag Ceremony at Sunset Beach (all season long, May – September), More info here.





Homestead Real Estate will be CLOSED on Monday, May 29th in Observance of the Memorial Day Holiday. We wish everyone a peaceful and enjoyable weekend.

Memorial Day Weekend is on its way, and you should be too…

It’s here! The unofficial start of summer, that is. And while the calendar may still read May, everyone knows that summer in Cape May will commence with the upcoming Memorial Day weekend. Ready or not, here it comes! Let’s take a look at what’s coming up over the next few weeks, as well as why there is still plenty of time to reserve your Cape May vacation, and why you should choose Homestead to do so…






This weekend, The Washington Street Mall will feature the spring edition of its semi-annual sidewalk sale. You’ll be pleased with your finds both inside and out as you stroll your way through the mall. The sale will take place 5/18 through 5/21/17 from 9:00 am until 7:00 pm.






Saturday May 20th will host the West Cape May borough wide yard sale. Rescheduled from 5/13 due to inclement weather, this is a fun way to experience West Cape May. Interact with local residents, and of course remain on the lookout for “new to you” bargains! Don’t forget to keep an eye out for Homestead Rental signs, as West Cape May is lovely area to stay for your Cape May vacation.







On Sunday, 5/21, The Garden Club of Cape May will present their Plant and Bake Sale at the Cape May Rotary Park. Stop by and browse the fine array of flowers, herbs, baked goods, and veggies too! This event is also a great way to check out the beautifully redesigned rotary park, in case you missed it last season.






On Saturday, May 27th, it’s yard sale time again. This time, the venue is the Cape May Kiwanis Club and the time is 7 am-2 pm. Memorial Day weekend is prime time for yard sales, so be on the lookout for many others as you stroll in and around town.






Sunday, May 28th kicks off the 28th annual Cape May Music Festival, presented by Cape May’s Mid Atlantic Center for the Arts & Humanities. The festival will run from May 28th through June 15th. The opening act on 5/28 will be the Atlantic Brass Band. The band will perform an array of American music, perfectly coinciding with the Memorial Day weekend. Come to the Rotary Bandstand, just adjacent to the Washington Street Mall and center of town, and get into the summer spirit with some truly fine music.







A Memorial Day Ceremony of Remembrance will be held on Monday, May 29th at 9 am (until about 11:00 am) at the All Wars Monument, located on Columbia Avenue. All are welcome to join.



Memorial Day weekend is a time of relaxation and anticipation for the season that is to come. With nearly every business in town opening their doors, some of the most fun to be had lies in simply biking or walking around and experiencing new establishments, as well as returning to your old favorites. Many long time Cape May vacationers were first introduced to the town during a holiday weekend stay. Why not let yourself become one of them!









Whether you have or have not been to Cape May, we want to remind you that we still have vacation rental availability for the upcoming 2017 season. In fact, we expect to see the usual surge in reservations after the Memorial Day weekend. Don’t lose out on your chance for a vacation. Homestead features rental properties for a wide range of styles and budgets. And speaking of budgets, did you know that you can place a reservation with Homestead and conveniently make payment with a credit card? (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover). Furthermore, Homestead handles our own payment processing and absorbs the cost of all credit card fees. We believe paying with your credit card is a necessary convenience, not a privilege. It’s just one more reason why we are the clear choice for all of your Cape May vacation rental needs.




Looking ahead….



As we move towards the month of June, we’d like to remind everyone that the ever popular West Cape May Strawberry Festival will be taking place on Saturday, June 3rd at Wilbraham Park. It’s a fantastic way to take part in a local tradition and kick off your summer.






On Saturday June 10th and Sunday, June 11th, Homestead will be sponsoring a very special event! Join the renowned Dr. Ysaye Barnwell, former member of Sweet Honey in the Rock, for “Building a Vocal Community”. This exciting event will show community unity through music! Events for both days will take place at the Cape May Lutheran Church, 509 Pittsburgh Ave., Cape May, NJ.








We hope everyone is eagerly anticipating the start of the summer, and we’d like to wish you a peaceful and relaxing Memorial Day weekend. We hope to see you here in town as you help us welcome in another summer season over the next few weeks.